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Religious and Public School's Student's Moral Beliefs in Hypothetical Situation Surveys for Establishment Clause Child Benefit Testing

- The goal of my study is to analyze the results of surveys to see whether the moral side of the child benefit arguments should be acknowledged. I would like to propose a longitudinal study where surveys are used to observe what type of relationship if any exists between the type of school the student attends, and that student’s moral view. Gathering data on this relationship is important to know when state Supreme Courts have based policy using ‘Child Benefit Theory’ arguments. Whether or not there is in fact a sort of positive moral outcome from attending a particular type of school would be mean there is a difference in moral understanding different between the two types of institutions fo...   [tags: results of surveys]

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Naval Condition Verification Surveys

- • HIMP Report- 2-D tool that stores all of the survey results, recommendations, and set the required Survey and renewals at a give time interval. 3.2 Naval Condition Verification Surveys (NCVS) After completing the BSLA a verification survey is to be made within three (3) years, six (6) months before or after, the completion date of the service life assessment. 3.2.1 Structural Survey and Gauging The verification survey shall consist of an examination of any incomplete high risk areas, identified moderate risk areas, one-third uninspected tanks, gauging, and a general examination of the structure and machinery....   [tags: Survey Report]

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The Role of Surveys

- Surveys are used to collect data on many different issues, products, and events; they have become so popular that many individuals and organizations will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars obtaining accurate and relevant survey answers. One area where surveys have had an even greater impact is in the political arena. Surveys are popular tools to gauge how effective a politician performed or simply to determine whether a person is conservative or liberal their political ideology. These surveys are often analyzed for bias, as a slanted survey can potentially cause a public figure or organization to make far reaching decisions....   [tags: Analysis of Questions]

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The Correlation of Health Plan Surveys

- The Correlation of Health Plan Surveys and Quality Standards The standards of care makes a real difference to the quality of our lives, whether we are the patients or the relatives of those who are. Because of budget constraints, nurses are now forced to be a jack-of-all-trades and management is placing resources wherever the need is greatest. Qualitative measures must be scrutinized in order to produce satisfactory results when considering the best care possible for our nation. Sentara CarePlex Hospital After reviewing Sentara CarePlex Hospital in Hampton, Virginia, I noticed that an area that greatly needs improvement is the response of medical personnel to patients need for help....   [tags: Healthcare]

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Personality Surveys : Psychology Course

- In the past, I remember having experienced taking several different personality surveys when I was taking a psychology course in high school, in addition to taking this same exact survey in Professor Zinger’s class during spring quarter. Although I took it twice, I enjoy taking personality surveys because I get to learn more about myself and think about questions I haven’t had the chance to consider before. But overall, I thought this survey was very useful and easy to complete. It was also very easy to follow, understand, and didn’t take long to get through....   [tags: Personality psychology]

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Evaluation Of Public Opinion Surveys

- Researchers who conduct public opinion surveys in times of crisis must be sensitive to respondent concerns and ability to answer specific questions. They also must note whether there are any locations where interviewing may be problematic because of the crisis. This can include areas affected by natural disasters and those that have been the sites of military action, terrorist attacks, or other forms of violence. The requirement that no harm come to survey participants is particularly important in these circumstances....   [tags: Opinion poll, Sampling]

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Salary Surveys

- Salary surveys have become a common, useful tool implemented by employers to determine the level of wages that will attract employees, while also planning a strategy for compensation for the entire workplace (BNA HR & Payroll Resource Center, N/A). There are several reasons as to why employers use salary surveys; one of the main reasons salary surveys are conducted is to ultimately determine if the current salary rates being used are sufficient enough to attract and maintain workers. By understanding what the rate of pay is based on market data, a company can decide if they want to pay the same, decrease, or even increase the rate; the company's decision will, however, impact the employee....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Surveys Are An Effective And Popular Method For Research

- Surveys are an effective and popular method for research because of the efficiency, versatility and generalizability. Generalizability is the ability to sample and draw research conclusions for large populations (Bachman & Schutt, 2012). In order to effectively maximize outcomes in survey research, surveys must be structured to avoid unclear or confusing questions. Demographic related questions should be avoided if not pertinent to the research study (Bachman & Schutt, 2012). Generally, the motivation of the researcher is clearly identified in a survey, and the respondent has the option of declining involvement in the survey....   [tags: Scientific method, Research methods]

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Transit rider surveys

- Introduction Often concerns over travel time and safety are cited as reasons people do not choose to ride transit; however, little has been studied about people’s real-time experiences on transit. It is important to understand the perceptions of a transit rider, including their emotional state before, during and after a transit trip. By fully understanding these perceptions, transit service providers can better plan for transit improvements. The question, therefore, is what is the best method for collecting this qualitative data....   [tags: Transportation]

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My Views On Political Spectrum Surveys

- While taking these political spectrum surveys, I learned interesting things about where my own views fit on the political spectrum and how they compared to the general American public as well as different groups within the country. For the most part, the results correlated with what I expected, but there were a couple things that surprised me. For the most part, the results correlated with each other. Two of the surveys both categorized me as a liberal. The ISideWith survey results were that my views side the most with the Democratic party....   [tags: Political philosophy, Liberalism, Ideology]

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Student Surveys Can Be Extremely Useful

- Asking students to provide feedback at the end of a class can be incredibly useful in helping me grow as a teacher as these are the people I am attempting to educate so their opinions matter. At the same time the surveys can be biased based on a plethora of reasons and students complain about things that I cannot change, such as the subject matter and how cold it is in the classrooms, so responses should be taken lightly. Student surveys can be most useful while taken in conjuncture with my own beliefs about my effectiveness as an educator and feedback I have received in formal and informal evaluations from my supervisors....   [tags: Question, Education, School, Interrogative word]

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Establishing Reliability and Validity

- Establishing Reliability and Validity In conducting a research or survey, the quality of the data collected in the research is of utmost importance. One’s assessment may be reliable and not valid and thus this is why it is important that when designing a survey, one should also come up with the methods of testing the reliability and validity of the assessment tools. For MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to conduct a survey, the questions they propose to use must pass the validity and reliability test for one to conclude that the survey is reliable and valid....   [tags: Surveys]

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Analyzing The Conditions Of Existing Pavements, Pavement Condition Surveys

- Background Transportation agency managers need comprehensive and timely information on the conditions of their existing pavements to make budgeting, planning, construction, and maintenance decisions. To characterize the conditions of existing pavements, pavement condition surveys are conducted in one or more of the four areas: roughness, distress, structural capacity, and friction Gramling 1994 [1] . Pavement distresses, together with roughness, are the basic elements typically included in quantification of the overall pavement condition although structural capacity and friction may also be incorporated [1, 2]....   [tags: Standard deviation, Statistics, Arithmetic mean]

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Using Market Surveys to Successfully Re-Brand Libraries

- Using Market Surveys to Successfully Re-Brand Libraries Using Market Surveys to Successfully Re-Brand Libraries For libraries to survive they have to maintain public support and to maintain support they must re-brand their image to once again assert their necessity in the community. When someone says the word hospital people automatically think of a place to go when they are sick or injured; a place filled with medical professionals and medical equipment where they can go to be healed....   [tags: library, community, public support, demands]

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Conducting Surveys

- Conducting Surveys A survey can either be administered as a census survey where every member of the appropriate population is surveyed, or a sample can be selected. A census survey gives you the most information and the most accurate picture of the population as a whole. When a population to be surveyed is small, census surveys are often recommended. When larger populations are considered, however, a census survey is sometimes not feasible because of cost and time constraints....   [tags: Papers]

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Discrimination And Discriminatory Attitudes At 30 Companies Within Corporate America Using Surveys

- METHODOLOGY We evaluated prejudice and discriminatory attitudes at 30 companies within corporate America using surveys. This study evaluated companies in corporate America that recently hired a Senior Level Executive within the last year. With these companies, more than 40% of the applicants who applied for the Senior Level Executive position identified as a minority and when compared to Caucasian applicants, they had far more advanced skills and experience. The population of interest were 30 Hiring Managers within big companies located in Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, New York and Chicago....   [tags: Sampling, Sample size, Sampling error]

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Job Satisfaction Surveys, Transformational Leadership Styles And Exit Interview

- Among the many challenges, retention and turnover of healthcare employees affect many organizations and should continue to be addressed. According to Nei, Anderson and Litwiller (2015), 37% of RNs plan to change employment within a year. During my practicum experience, my mentor Nikiki has verbalized that the annual voluntary turnover rate of the new employees in her department is currently is over 20% and the reasons for their resignations are mostly unknown. She stated that employee shortage causes an increased work load on the remaining employees to say in compliance with the state contract and over expenditure of budget due to paying for overtime and training....   [tags: Employment, Job satisfaction, Management]

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Evaluating The Statistical And Objective Measurements, Analysis Of Data Collection Through Questionnaires And Surveys

- In this research thesis will follow with quantitative method which emphasize the statistical and objective measurements, analysis of data collection through questionnaires and surveys that will gathering numerical data or to explain a particular phenomenon. This qualitative method will explain and describes the data expressively and comprehensive. It will also highlight on each words and content more than quantifications. All of the research data were based on comprising interviews with workers and management authorities and data collect by workplace surveys with employees and secondary sources came from the Ministry of Labor, Myanmar Garment Manufacturing Association (MGMA), Action Labor Ri...   [tags: Qualitative research, Quantitative research]

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Computer Crime and Security Analysis Report

- In order to compile the 2008 report on computer crime and security, The Computer Security Institute (CSI) sent out five thousand surveys to member companies and the organizations of people who had attended security events, such as conferences. Of the five thousand surveys, five hundred and twenty-two were completed and returned. The following is an analysis of CSI’s findings, with particular regard to total respondents and total loss, the top five attack types, and how the attacks likely occurred....   [tags: surveys, fraud, firewalls]

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The Use of Victim Surveys as a Measurement of Criminal Activity

- The Use of Victim Surveys as a Measurement of Criminal Activity Background Information ====================== The first victim surveys were carried out in the USA during the late 1960's (Biederman et al 1967, Ennis 1967 and Reiss 1967). There is a wide range of methodologies available for victim research but the most important means of data collection can be offered by household surveys. Description ----------- The British Crime Survey (M.Hough and Mayhew 1983) selected 16,000 households and interviewed at least one member who was 16 years or older from each household....   [tags: Papers]

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The Pros and Cons of Social Surveys in Sociological Research

- The Advantages and Limitations of Social Surveys in Sociological Research To survey something, is to carry out a systematic overview so that a researcher can produce a comprehensive general report on it. Survey method is often used by positivist sociologists seeking to test their hypotheses, and to investigate causes and examine variables. As with every other sociological research, survey has its own advantages and limitations. Positivist research, which is in the scientific tradition, begins with a hypothesis that can be either confirmed or rejected according to the data collected....   [tags: Papers]

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Surveys on End of Life, Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide

- Surveys on End of Life, Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide         Two new surveys -- one polling cancer specialists, the other polling their patients -- shed new light on the realities of dying and assisted suicide. The physicians' survey suggests a sharp drop in support for doctor-assisted suicide since 1994. The largest survey ever of cancer specialists in the English-speaking world, polling 3200 oncologists in the U.S., Britain and Canada, was released May 16. Among the findings: * 22% of oncologists support physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients in unremitting pain....   [tags: Euthanasia Physician Assisted Suicide]

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Polls: Random Representative Sampling

- Having a large sample size in a survey does not assure accurate statistics. What really matters is the sample diversity. For example: you wanted to find out how many of your workmates watch football, it would be foolish to only survey the men in your office and assume that the statistic applies for all the company’s employees. In order to get accurate statistics, you would have to expand the survey to include the female employees and the workers in other company offices. In the example above, the survey needed not only to be expanded but diversified....   [tags: statistics, surveys]

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Analysis Plan Summary

- Introduction In this paper we will start to pull things together by presenting a analysis plan and many other topics pivotal to understanding the data we collected. We will build some dummy tables, interpret and present different variables. Analysis Plan Summary To start the analysis plan this writer plans to start with a pre-analysis plan to ensure they are ready to take on the task. Below is the checklist presented by David McKenzie (2012) that this writer will follow. 1. Description of the sample to be used in the study: In this writers situation the sample is area residents that dropped out of school who are between the ages of 16-25....   [tags: key data sources, volunteers, surveys]

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Overview and Assessment of Baruch College

- The Operations' Management of Baruch College Introduction Baruch College has been a prominent element in the Murray Hill and Tribeca area of Manhattan for more than a century. Established in 1919, by Bernard M. Baruch, the college has provided a steady influx of cash flow to local businesses for more than a century, thanks to its students' patronage and services' demands. It can be safely inferred that Baruch College financially fuels the area to this day with its 13,777 (   [tags: Online Surveys, Urban Location]

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Marketing Research

- I am now going to be explaining the limitations of marketing research. Limitations are restrictions that the business has to face; these can affect market research and market planning. Primary research compared to secondary research is expensive as preparing and carrying out research is high. Research is further time consuming, to be done right it requires a plan. Researching start to finish is longer for getting the results they need. This contributes to the development of the market plan’s forecasts of expected results, as the results that the business is hoping to achieve in duration of time can be delayed....   [tags: Surveys, Focus Groups, Questionnaires]

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The Pros and Cons of Participant Observation or Surveys as a Research Method

- Introduction In our daily activities as humans, we consciously and unconsciously observe what people do around us, how they do it, and sometimes ask why they do what they do. In so doing we gain a better understanding of their ways of life. Anthropologist and sociologist too mention but a few, professions employ the daily observations we engage in as humans in a methodology called participant observation. Dewalt and Dewalt (2002:1) define participant observation as “a method in which a researcher takes part in the daily activities, events, rituals and interactions, of a group of people as one of the means of learning the explicit and tacit aspects of their life routine and culture.” Partici...   [tags: Social Research Methods]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Linkert Survey

- Customer survey is one of the toughest and mind boggling task many fear doing, especially those who provide services to customers. There have been debates on the best method to be used in ensuring that the survey is accurate. Different methods have been proposed concerning the accuracy of some of the methods used, and no proper consensus reached on the method to use. Different business uses different methods, but in the recent past many surveys have been done using the Likert Scale Questionnaire Method....   [tags: customer survey, service delivery, feelings]

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Satisfaction Survey Research

- Satisfaction Survey Research Current Survey Background Perhaps no other research tool utilized by social scientists is as sensitive to social and technological change as the sample survey. Survey research is a multibillion dollar industry in the United States. Surveys provide critical information to decision-makers in government and business. Polls and their results are widely discussed by the general public and media. Because of the size, complexity, and expense of major surveys, which can include tens of thousands of respondents and exceed $100 million in cost, surveys inevitably come to reflect social and technological change....   [tags: Survey Research Market]

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Applied Survey Methods

- Survey Pointers “The rightful concern of statisticians is the use of science to provide relevant information on large populations, to be made available to decision agents within a short period of time and of acceptable quality.” I n this fast changing world, problems in almost all fields of human endeavor have to be solved and resolved on scientific bases. The influence of decisions based on quantitative information has never been more evident than in the present decade especially with the use of modern technology....   [tags: Survey Methods Statistical Theory Essays]

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A Survey Report On A Interview Survey

- In 1998, an interview surveys were conducted in the Harbin area of Heilongjiang Province which located in north east part of China. Harbin is one of the ten largest cities in China and therefore, there was a high concentration of rural-urban migrants. Since the dual nature of urban labour market consists of formal and informal sector, there were two separate surveys conducted in Harbin City. Interviews in the urban informal sector survey used the open-ended questionnaires and the sampling was random because 131 workers were selected randomly at all places....   [tags: Urban area, City, Village, Urbanization]

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Satisfaction Survey For Healthcare Professionals

- Satisfaction surveys allow healthcare professionals to make positive changes in the way care is delivered. These adjustments aim to use the patients’ input to maximize satisfaction in the future. The “Myth Busted!” article under analysis highlights the importance and the limitations of collecting data on patient satisfaction, whilst making the key point that patient satisfaction does not necessarily correlate with the quality of care. Despite their constructive nature, the authors stress that these surveys are error-prone....   [tags: Healthcare, Health care provider, Patient]

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The Usefulness Of Survey Information

- The Usefulness of Survey Information Research scholars have long used surveys as in integral and efficient way of gathering data for research. Large amounts of population data are gathered imploring the use of surveys in every area of psychological science from social science to clinical science. Recently, with the booming technological advances of electronic communications, surveys conducted online have become the simplest most affordable way of gathering data. Sites such as Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) and CrowdFlower, make data collection simple and streamlined....   [tags: Quantitative research, Scientific method]

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Results of Child Abuse Survey

- The primary method was conducted using a series of distributed questionnaires to children for my research. The reasons why I used questionnaires are because I think I will obtain appropriate and honest responses which relates to their personal experiences. The data collected was then categorized by data into gender, age from age 8 to10, age 11 to 13, age 14 to16, age 17 to 19 and type of abuse. The surveys were equally distributed, a total of 13 surveys were handed out to children between 8-18 years of age that have been victims of child abuse/ neglect....   [tags: Primary Research on Child Abuse]

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Divorce Survey Findings

- Introduction People have always wondered about divorce and its causes and effects. When I was a young girl I used to ask ’’,why do people get married if they are going to get divorced in the future?’’ When I grew up I realized that anyone could go through divorce. Divorce has become a phenomenon that is increasing around the world. Fourteen weeks ago I had not known the real definition of divorce and did not expect to find out all these astonishing facts, results and statistics. I have chosen this topic because it was the one and only opportunity to discover men’s opinions about divorce and women’s, as well....   [tags: Arab, survey, marriage]

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The Myer 's Survey Study

- After completing this survey, I found that the results were very similar to the Myer -Briggs survey I took earlier in this course. While taking the survey I was stumped on many of the questions. I really had to think hard about what I would do in those types of situations. Many of the situations dealt with whether of not I would address an issue that was going on with an employee. I thought about what I do now as a teacher, and majority of the time I do confront my coworkers when there is an issue....   [tags: Leadership, Personality psychology, Thought]

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The Locus Of Control Survey

- The three surveys I chose to complete were the locus of control survey, philosophies of human nature survey, and moral attentiveness survey. On the locus of control survey, I scored in the medium range for internality. This result especially surprised me because I like to think I control a large percentage of what happens in my life. I scored on the lower end of the medium spectrum for this category. This tells me I believe other factors have a fairly large impact on what happens in my life and my locus of control does not expand very far....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Decision making, Psychology]

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The Survey On Caste Based Discrimination

- The survey is aimed to measure caste-based discrimination in Savitribai Phule Pune University college campus, Pune (India). Caste is one of the most salient identities in Indian society and discrimination based on caste identity is evident across institutions and public domain. Lower caste students (Scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribes) in higher education experiences caste-based discrimination, but generally it is unnoticed and overlooked in higher education policy framework. Hanna and Linden (2007) noted that caste discrimination persists throughout the education system in India....   [tags: Higher education, University, India, Caste]

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The Household Survey On Agency And Governance

- The household survey on agency and governance in Maharashtra, India (Justino, P et al, 2015) alongside Households amidst urban riots: the economic consequences of civil violence in India (Justine, P et al, 2015) seek to “identify empirically the determinants of riot victimization at the household level” (Justino, P et al, 2015, p.1). At first glance, the positive attributes of the research, such as the well-structured questionnaire, the interviews of numerous members of a household, the use of multistage sampling and the explanation to why the researchers’ initial theories were wrong, are evident....   [tags: Quantitative research, Scientific method]

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Benefits and Flaws of a Resistivity Survey

- What am I going to research. In this case study, I am going to research what resistivity is and how a resistivity survey works using the physics principles. I am also going to explore what benefits this technique might bring, but also what flaws there could be. Additionally, I am going to explore a famous historical use of this method. What is resistivity. Resistivity is the oppose to conductivity. It's a measure of material's ability to oppose the flow of electric current. It is a property of the material, and it remains constant, not depending on the certain shape of the material, however it does depend on the mass and density of the particular material....   [tags: electric, soil, digging]

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Meaning Of Life And Gritz Survey Reflection

- Meaning of Life and Gritz Survey Reflection Rubi Garza Texas A&M International University The Meaning of Life survey strives to pinpoint how much meaning or purpose an individual gives their own life by giving a questionnaire, which concludes the measurements of presence and search by a score range of 5-35. The Gritz survey strives to determine how much interest and persistence an individual has in their long term goals by giving a questionnaire, which concludes the measurement by a score range of 1-5....   [tags: Meaning of life, Life, Goal, Intrinsic value]

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The Nutritional Environmental Measures Survey

- Growing rates of obesity and obesity related illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease, are causing major concerns in American society. Preventative measures and precautions can only go so far without intervention from our government. Numerous policies are set in place to help curb our nation’s obesity issue. The public health policy that will be examined in this review is the Nutritional Environmental Measures survey – vending program, or NEMS-Vending program. The NEMS-Vending program stems from the NEMS program developed at the University of Pennsylvania....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Medicine, Health care]

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Using Pretext Stop Survey

- Looking over the results of the data collected from the respondents of the pretext stop survey, it has shown some quite interesting results. I first look at the univariate analyses for it to give a general idea on what the 104 people had picked for each question of the survey. One of the things that stood out to me the most was that more females took the survey than males. It is no surprise since females tend to be more willing on taking more surveys than males, but it is not to say that males are not willing to take surveys at all....   [tags: Gender, Human]

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Why Survey Research May Not Be Effective

- One of the major reasons why survey research may not be effective is that the survey instruments are less useful than they should be. “Instrument design is a three-phase process with numerous issues within each phase: (a) developing the instrument design strategy, (b) constructing and refining the measurement questions, and (c) drafting and refining the instrument” (Cooper & Schindler, 2014 p. 324). There are several issues with each phase but the four that I believe are the four possible major faults of survey instrument design is: (1) disguising objectives and sponsors, (2) using multiple choice questions, (3) introducing sensitive and ego-involving information too early, and (4) the sourc...   [tags: Multiple choice, Question, Answer, Free response]

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Usefulness Of The National Crime Victimization Survey

- Appraise the usefulness of The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS). Unit 2. For nearly 300 years, researchers have conducted crime surveys (Winfree and Abadinsky, 2010). During the 1960’s, a pilot study, referred to today as the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), was conducted by the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice. The results of this study were recommendations in which federal funding was programmed for the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) to conduct the first few national victimization surveys during the years 1972, 1973, and 1974....   [tags: Crime, Police, Assault, Rape]

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Affective Organizational Commitment Survey

- Purpose of the study The purpose of this planned study is to assess the level of affective organizational commitment displayed by the managerial staff at Fastenal Company. This study will help improve the practices and procedures used by management, and see what factors relate most to the affective organizational commitment level of the managerial staff. Fastenal is an American company based in Winona, Minnesota. The company was founded in 1967 by Bob Kierlin, and was incorporated on December 24, 1968....   [tags: Management, Practices, Procedures]

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Understanding Survey Research

- Perhaps the way to define what survey research is, is best done by understanding what is it not. Survey research is not design although some have argued that it contains aspects very similar to design. Some scholars have even called it art rather than a science. I tend to agree with them because the management of the various component of survey research is crucial to it yielding valid data. To this end, Trochim and Donnelly (2008) note that one of the means researchers utilize to collect data is via survey research....   [tags: social research, methods]

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The Current Healthcare System : Satisfaction Survey

- In the current healthcare system, satisfaction survey is used as a way to integrate patient involvement in the mission to improve the quality of the modern healthcare delivery. However, the validity of the survey data is challenged by this Mythbuster article as the author suggests a highly satisfied survey response does not indicatively infer to a high quality care provided. The key argument here is that there are apparent limitations to the patient satisfaction data because the outcomes are influenced by numerous independent factors outside of the care providers’ control....   [tags: Healthcare, Health care provider]

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Springdale Shopping Survey

- In a continuation of the Springdale Shopping District Survey, use of confidence intervals is introduced to improve upon the evaluation of the quality of the statistics derived from the survey of a sample population. There has historically been an assumption that the respondents represent a simple random sample of all potential respondents within the community and that the population is large enough that application of the finite population correction would not make an appreciable difference in the results....   [tags: statistics, confidence interval, sample population]

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The Job Openings And Labor Turnover Survey

- Over nine years ago the United States hit the all time high in voluntary job quitting. In December 2015 number of americans who voluntarily quit their job has reached a all time high in nine years. Why may the americans be doing this you ask. Most americans are starting to become very confident in their employment prospects. The job openings and labor turnover survey held by the Labor Department determined that the voluntary quits rose to nearly 3.1 million which made it the highest levels since December of 2006....   [tags: Unemployment, Employment, Jobless recovery]

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Patient Satisfaction Survey Questions On Fice Location

- Patient Satisfaction Survey Questions. Please rate each of the following: 1. The accessibility of the office location. (Consider travel time, access by public transportation, and parking.) € Excellent € Good € Fair € poor 2. The convenience of the office. (Is the office easy to find, are stairs or elevators readily available, is handicapped entrance adequate, etc.) € Excellent € Good € Fair € poor 3. The relaxation of the reception area. € Excellent € Good € Fair € poor 4....   [tags: Patient, Hospital, Physician]

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Use of an Attitude Survey in GMFC Labor Talks

- Introduction Well-constructed employee attitude surveys can provide insight into organizational characteristics which impact employee behavior and organizational performance (Williams, 1998). Companies may use survey results to modify their management style, organizational culture, workplace characteristics, or incentives in order to improve worker satisfaction and overall productivity (Williams, 1998). Although the link between employee attitudes and actual work performance has been found to be somewhat inconsistent (Schleicher, Watt, & Greguras, 2004), research has confirmed at least a moderate correlation between job satisfaction and rates of employee absenteeism and turnover (Gibson, Iv...   [tags: job satisfaction, productivity]

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Death Penalty Survey

- Death Penalty Survey It's my belief that people often lack enough information to have an informed opinion, but go ahead and give their opinions anyway. Given the time, money and desire to complete this survey again I'd change my approach. I'd attempt to educate them more on the subject by providing them some detailed information such as factual statistics on both the pros and cons of the death penalty. Thus providing them with a broader background relating to the subject. I feel that by providing factual statistics and historical data that it would greatly add to the validity of the survey....   [tags: Survey Death Penalty Essays]

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Survey of Marijuna Usage at Texas Christian University

- ... For example across the United States there are many different ways marijuana use handled in the criminal justice realm. According to the MPP, Marijuana Policy Project, Kansas is one the state with some the harshest drug policies. If an individual is caught with a gram of marijuana they face a one year prison stay and a one thousand dollar fine. Any subsequent marijuana charges can carry a prison stay of at least 10 months and up to three and a half years. Also they would be faced with a one hundred thousand dollar fine....   [tags: legalize, criminal, health, study]

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Sampling Techniques for This Marketing Research Case

- The sampling techniques that was used for this research were basic marketing research techniques (Gilbert n.p). A survey will be carried out on participants to determine the current customer base at the existing EDO location here in Prince George. A keen observation of the customers at the EDO location in the pine Center mall taking observational notes on the number and frequency of visits amongst identifiable groups. The records will be taken for a period of two weeks before gathering enough data to start making inferences....   [tags: survey, data collection]

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Health Information National Trends Survey 2007

- The dataset I will be working with will be HINTS 2007, the Health Information National Trends Survey. HINTS produces data regarding the public’s awareness about cancer information, questions and concerns regarding their own personal health, and overall perceptions about available health information from professionals. This data was collected through survey responses from adults 18 years and older through in-person surveys as well as via telephone and the Internet, with the proposed intent of gathering information about difficulties in health communication and to help better understand individuals’ health concerns, particularly with regards to cancer....   [tags: Public's Awareness, Cancer Information, Dataset]

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Likert Scales: Composition, Opportunities, and Limitations

- ... The third is composed of a statement followed by five response options of strongly agree/agree/undecided/disagree/strongly disagree. The fourth component is has the same options like the third one but the statement has a conflicting fact. Interestingly, Albaum (1997) described a different model of Likert scale composed by distinguishing between attitude direction and the strength of that attitude. This requires a first question to whether the respondent agree or disagree followed by a second question about the strength of his/her agreement or disagreement....   [tags: survey, simplicity, successs, interpret]

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Beach Survey

- Beach Survey In a group we did a beach survey of the protected beach and the unprotected beach. At each of the two locations we measured the angle of the beach and the depth of the sand. To start our beach survey we laid out measuring tape from the sea to the cliff (or 30 meters out) on the unprotected beach but on the protected beach the tape went from the sea wall to 30 meters out. We used survey poles - 3 meters apart - making sure they were vertical. At each survey pole we took a trowel and measured the depth of the beach....   [tags: Papers]

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A Survey On Politics While Having A Year Of Finding A New President

- Being able to survey about politics while having a year of finding a new president is important to both us surveyors and the public about their views for different topics. Everyone will believe in something different, but being able to see what their opinions are for certain things will help me see if that correlates to a candidate. I watch something about politics almost everyday on both sides of the spectrum. The reason for that is because I want to both understand politics happening on both sides, but also see how each side views the behavior of their opposite party....   [tags: Question, Answer, Surveying, Scientific method]

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Media Portrayals of Promiscuity and a Related Survey

- The media is known for displaying a large quantity of violence and sex on television, possibly desensitizing situations that should not be taken lightly in real life. Two previous studies show sexual attitudes portraying entertainment television tend to correlate to attitudes, beliefs, and actions of people in real life. According to a study, television suggests that sexual encounters take place between young, attractive individuals, overemphasizing heterosexuality, and ignoring the fact that major risks are included in such impulsive actions....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Why Students Chose Not to Return to College

- ... The KC Student Center contains many different opportunities for students to come and blow of the pressures that accompany being a college student, some of the things in the center for students to do include pool, Ping-Pong, foosball tables, as well as many video games like the X-box 360, Nintendo Wii, and the PlayStation 3. While this center is open throughout the weeks during the school months, the weekends always see a high influx of students, from what can be gathered from the article every weekend the school host’s video game tournaments that include cash prizes to the winners....   [tags: survey, population, study]

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File Sharing Survey

- File Sharing Survey With a coke in one hand and the computer mouse in the other, Jack Napster is busy downloading Mp3's from Limewire with his super fast college Ethernet connection. Jack Napster lives for his music and consequently makes use of file sharing programs in order to keep up with current musical trends. He can access all the new hit songs and even some underground artists that his friends have recommended to him. Jack feels that file sharing is an ethical practice even though it is deemed illegal by the law....   [tags: File Sharing Illegality Essays]

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Survey Report On A Survey

- Introduction For this assignment, we were told to conduct a survey related to a communication topic of our choice. In order to complete the survey, we were asked to use a survey that was already conducted and re-use this on HPU students. The data we gathered were used to either confirm or debunk hypothesizes we enunciated before the survey. Method As the source for our comparison, we used data from Pew Research ' Internet project. The survey from Pew Research was conducted October 28, 2013. This makes room for a good comparison, as the numbers in the 2013 survey are about a year old....   [tags: Gender, Male, Female, Sex]

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Practical Work Survey for Organism Identification in University of Greenwich Medway, Kent

- I. Introduction Plants play a vital role for life existed on Earth. There are many types of plant species, which can be, distinguish by leaf shape, size of flower and petals (Cope et al. 2012). Kent and Cooker (1992) stated that identification of plant through special characteristic and physiological structure that the taxonomic nomenclature has applied in botanical flora. A quadrat surveys conducted surrounding the University of Greenwich at Medway, which focused to identify the plant in a grassland area and invertebrate....   [tags: bacterial action in proteins]

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The Inaccuracy of National Crime Victimization Survey Research

- The Inaccuracy of National Crime Victimization Survey Research However consistent the evidence may be concerning the effectiveness of armed victim resistance, there are some who minimize its significance by insisting that it is rare.[15] This assertion is invariably based entirely on a single source of information, the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS). Data from the NCVS imply that each year there are only about 68,000 defensive uses of guns in connection with assaults and robberies,[16] or about 80,000 to 82,000 if one adds in uses linked with household burglaries.[17] These figures are less than one ninth of the estimates implied by the results of at least thirteen other surveys...   [tags: Papers]

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Penton Media's Subscriber Database

- Penton Media sample plan was created from the use of a stratified disproportionate random sampling with subscribers that are considered as belonging to one of 42 cells (seven industry groups by six job titles). Penton received a total of 710 complete questionnaires. Penton discovered that 676 out of the 710 respondents were responsible for making decision at their companies. However, Penton examined only the responses for the 676 buyers. Penton analyzed the 676 respondents by weighing responses in each cell divided by the percentage of the total population....   [tags: survey, sample , design plan]

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The AUC Core Curriculum Is the Most Critical and Inflenetial Necessity for a College Student

- Our hypothesis: The AUC Core curriculum is the most critical and influential necessity for the college student. Many AUCians asked and are continuing to ask about the importance of this program and the significant need of studying it to them. As we all know that the Core curriculum includes several categories which may not correspond to a student’s major or field of interest, so why should the student take it. Our project aim is to answer this debatable question. We will be studying the program and evaluating it critically, ask professors and take their opinions and also make surveys and questionnaires for the students—the freshmen and the graduates as well—for their experience and views....   [tags: results, knowledge, study, program, survey]

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The Joint Commission

- The standards of the Joint Commission are a foundation for an objective evaluation process the may help healthcare organizations measure, assess and improve performance. These standards are focused on organizational functions that are key for providing safe high quality care services. The Joint Commission’s standards set goal expectations of reasonable, achievable and surveyable performance of an organization. Only new standards that are relative to patient safety or care quality, have positive impact on healthcare outcomes, and can be accurately measured are added....   [tags: Survey, Healthcare, Patient Treatment]

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Leadership Capacity in Education Study

- ... Sygielski - President, Lynold McGhee – IRB, and Kia Harris – Grad Student Reviewing tool, defining parameters, creating IRB letter for participants 3/28 – 2 hours Lynold McGhee, IRB Kia Harris, Grad Student Developing plan of engagement for the remainder filed experience 3/28 – 1 hour 3/31 – 1 hour Kia Harris, Grad Student Lynold McGhee, IRB Interviews 1:1 4/3 – 4/28 8.5 – hours Tim Dolin, Academic Affairs Sheila Ciotti, HBG VP Juanita Mort, CFO President John Eberly, Finance r Jennie Baar, HBG Dean Aimee Brough, HR Director Cindy Doherty, Provost Michael Walsh, Chief of Staff Maureen Royer, JHU Electronic survey circulated • Creating coma delaminated data for email addresses 22 C...   [tags: cabinet capacity survey, school improvement]

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Video Games and Children in The article, Information Technology Use and Creativity: Findings from the Children and Technology Project

- The article, Information Technology Use and Creativity: Findings from the Children and Technology Project, was posted online in November of 2011. In this article Linda A. Jackson, Edward A. Witt, Alexander Ivan Games, and other contributors discussed the relationship found between creativity and video game playing in 12-year-old children. For their research, a correlational study design was used to test this relationship because of the lack of causality. A causality experiment was not used to because the question of whether or not Internet causes real changes in thinking or behavior remains unanswered....   [tags: visual-spatial skills, survey, experiment]

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Lung Cancer: The Relationship Between Gender, Age, and Ethnicity

- ... The responses were: male (2,969) or female (4,696). Second, “Which one or more of the following would you say is your race?” The responses were: White (5853); African American (743); Asian (227); American Indian/Alaskan Native (179); Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander (30); refused (42); and don’t know (99). Finally, “How likely do you think it is that you will develop cancer in the future. Would you say your chances of getting cancer is…” The responses were: very low (1,130); somewhat low (1,729); moderate (2,872); somewhat high (995); very high (353); refused (27); and don’t know (217)....   [tags: survey, HINTS, cancer related data]

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Survey of Public Opinion Regarding Immigrants and Immigration

- Survey of Public Opinion Regarding Immigrants and Immigration My perspective on the issue of US immigration is different than most Americans because I came to the United States as an immigrant. Firsthand, I know what it's like to stand in long lines at the immigration office, hoping to have my number called to speak with a screening officer. I know how hard it is to survive the jobless 6-month parole period while waiting for an immigration interview. And I know what it's like to have my immigration application denied due to technicality....   [tags: Term Papers Research]

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A Survey of Tragedy

- A Survey of Tragedy A modern tragedy of today and a tragedy of ancient Greece are two very different concepts, but ironically, both are linked by many similarities. In “Poetics”, Aristotle defines and outlines tragedy for theatre in a way that displays his genius, but raises questions and creates controversy. Aristotle’s famous definition of tragedy states: “A tragedy is the imitation of an action that is serious, and also as having magnitude, complete in itself in language with pleasurable accessories, each kind brought in separately in the parts of the work; in a dramatic, not in a narrative form: with incidents arousing pity and fear; wherewith to accomplish its catharsis of such emotion...   [tags: Oedipus The King, Death of a Salesman]

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Project Risks And Mitigation Of The Survey

- 2.1 Introduction This chapter describes the aim of survey, objectives, methodologies, scope limitations, justification, ethical and professional issues, and project risks and mitigation of the survey. The main survey is on data patterns in RMIS. 2.2 Aims and objectives of the study 2.2.1 Aim The aim of the survey is to extract interesting patterns from data held in RMIS at JKUAT 2.2.2 Objectives i. To carry out data pre-processing in order to define data held in RMIS. ii. To identify suitable mining tools and techniques for data mining analysis iii. To carry out data mining for interesting patterns from analysis of data held at RMIS iv. To establish the advantages of the pattern survey re...   [tags: Data mining, Data analysis, Data]

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Evaluation Of A Survey On Nurse Mentoring

- Measurement The researcher used a survey that consisted of “17 terms dealing with the following nurse behaviors: treating the patient kindly and with respect, listening to the patient, informing the patient about their care, teaching so that the patient could understand working with other nurses, passing along information from shift to shift, including the patient in report discussions and keeping the patient’s health information private” (Sand-Jecklin & Sherman, 2014). The survey used a Likert-type response for each item, with five indicating excellent care and one indicating poor care....   [tags: Patient, Nursing, Nurse, Report]

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A Survey Study On Public Health

- This paper is about the outcome of the brief survey conducted with the help of the survey monkey. The survey was to help student taking one of the public health courses; MPH 602, at the Benedictine University to think about what exactly each student wants out of their public health education. The survey was used to focus on the specific and general skills that will interest students and the skills students would like to learn more about. Hence, the paper will highlight the role of the public health professional based on the information I gathered from the survey....   [tags: Health care, Public health, Health]

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A Survey On The First Day Of Class

- A survey was performed in a nursing statistics class on the first day of class at The University of Minnesota. The sample was asked their age, gender and if they were a current student in the School of Nursing. They were then asked if they have taken a college-level statistics class before and what their highest level of mathematics they uphold. The sample was asked to rate their confidence level in math ability and anxiety level regarding the statistics course on a scale from 1-10, 1 being not confidence and not anxious and 10 being very confident and very anxious....   [tags: Statistics, Statistical hypothesis testing]

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The Crime Survey for England and Wales

- The Crime Survey For England and Wales (CSEW) An anonymous and confidential household survey revealing unreported crimes and showing that anyone can become a victim. Participants are chosen at random according to postcode, providing a mixed sample from alternative areas and backgrounds. Conducted within a person’s home by an impartial interviewer it provides a more comfortable and familiar setting enabling victims to open up and provide clarity and details of crimes that they may otherwise not have reported, such as sexual offences (ONS,2013)....   [tags: Official Statistics, crimes, universal questioning]

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Analyzing The Survey On Social Media

- Our team made an corupaptive effort to compile the survey hypothesis. After reading the required reading and survey samples, team members provided their suggested hypothesis. One of the team members volunteered to be the task manager for the group. After the hypothesis suggestions were posted the task manager read and responded to each suggestion. Team members commented on the suggested hypothesis. After a combined effort of tweaking and combining suggestions, we were able to come to a mutual agreement on an hypothesis....   [tags: Sociology, Social media, Question, Social]

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A Survey On Poverty By The Census

- The most recent survey on poverty by the census was done in 2013. From this data it was discovered that homes maintained by woman with no husband made the lowest income, Asian households had the highest median income at $67,065 and the lowest median income we held by African Americans at $34,598 this survey was done by looking at white/ white not Hispanic, African Americans, Asians and Hispanics in the United States. In 2013 the poverty rate for children was higher than that of people between the ages of 18 and 64 and people over the age of 65 making about 1 in every 5 children under the age of 6 in poverty (DeNavas-Walt & Proctor, 2014)....   [tags: Working class, Social class, Poverty]

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