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Informed Consent For Research Studies

- Informed Consent Analysis Informed consent for research studies utilizing human subjects requires ethical and legal practices. As identified by Engel and Schutt (2013) historical experiments with unethical practices lead to the development of laws and guidelines for conducting human research. Three of the principals required for conducting the research, from the developed Belmont Report, are respect for persons, beneficence, and justice (Engel & Schutt, 2013). Part of developing ethical practices is providing participants of a study with an informed consent document, to make them aware of what they are entering into....   [tags: Ethics, Informed consent, Participation]

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The Role Of Parental Consent

- The role of parental consent is a significant factor in the medical world. To give consent to do medical operations or treatments, informed consent is needed. Consent cannot usually be given by children since they are not deemed competent enough, so the responsibility is given to the legal guardians. Many controversies have arisen due to minors needing consent from parents for medical procedures. Is giving parents the power to decide on their child’s medical treatment always just. I believe that parental consent plays both a positive and negative role in medicine....   [tags: Medicine, Informed consent, Autonomy, Physician]

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Informed Consent

- Informed consent is the basis for all legal and moral aspects of a patient’s autonomy. Implied consent is when you and your physician interact in which the consent is assumed, such as in a physical exam by your doctor. Written consent is a more extensive form in which it mostly applies when there is testing or experiments involved over a period of time. The long process is making sure the patient properly understands the risk and benefits that could possible happen during and after the treatment....   [tags: Medical Consent]

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Improving Effectiveness of Informed Consent Process

- Informed consent has been preserved as a sacred value since medicine started caring for the sick and it is still upheld today as a critical component of clinical research. Ensuring voluntary participation through an informed decision-making process in clinical research continues to be an ethical and moral obligation of the study team, quite often the study nurses. Over time these forms have reached a degree of unreasonableness; exceeding twenty pages, being too complex, and readability that exceeds the targeted populations....   [tags: Essays on Informed Consent ]

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The Importance Of Consent And Its Types And Legal Fundaments

- The purpose of this essay is to introduce the concept of consent, briefly identify its types and legal fundaments, examine significance of consent in a healthcare provision and illustrate the main issues involved with patients’ consent with midwifery practice as the focal point of interest. According to Medical Dictionary (2003) ‘consent’ is an ‘act of reason’, voluntary agreement to proposed treatment made by a mentally capable person upon receiving relevant information. Patients’ consent is closely associated with individuals’ liberty, person’s autonomy and the right to decide about themselves and their body with assumption of taking full responsibility for decision and its consequences (F...   [tags: Autonomy, Informed consent, Human rights]

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Informed Consent For Medical Treatment Annotated Bibliography

- Informed Consent for Medical Treatment Annotated Bibliography Ingravallo, F., Gilmore, E., Vignatelli, L., Dormi, A., Carosielli, G., Lanni, L., & Taddia, P. (2014). Factors associated with nurses’ opinions and practices regarding information and consent. Nursing Ethics, 21(3), 299-313 15p. doi:10.1177/0969733013495225 In this peer review journal article, based on a cross sectional survey conducted in a large Italian teaching hospital, the authors seek to examine nurses’ opinions and practices regarding information and consent and explore the possible influences such as gender, age, education, professional experience, and care setting....   [tags: Nursing, Ethics, Patient, Informed consent]

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Consent And The Obligation Of Consent

- Consent and Political Obligation Consent is defined as “an act of permitting something to be done or of recognizing some authority” (Britannica, n.d.). Almost all political theorists share this definition of consent, however the boundaries surrounding this definition leave us asking many questions: how do we consent, to whom do we consent and when do we consent. Most importantly, did we consent at all. When we go back to the fundamentals of defining how, when, and if we gave consent, it is to be derived that we never consented....   [tags: Political philosophy, Law, Philosophy]

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No Choice, No Consent

- Sexual intercourse between two people who willingly consent to the actions results in strong human emotional bonding. The act is permissible only when the two parties involved mutually desire to engage in sexual intercourse with each other. In the following case, the mutual agreement is broken. A man engages in sexual intercourse with his wife who is in a minimal conscious state and is paralyzed after an automobile accident. The wife is a 29-year-old woman who suffered from severe brain injury, leaving her unable to care for herself....   [tags: Law Cases]

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The Age Of Consent

- The idea of “the child” is constantly evolving, and children appear to be maturing more rapidly each year. As a response, laws pertaining to minors have had to keep up with these social changes. In the health care context, the competency of children is constantly scrutinized and challenged. Accordingly, reforms to past laws that deemed minors lacked decisional capacity have resulted in the “mature minor” doctrine. Although this doctrine allows minors a degree of independence in the decision-making process it maintains many grey areas....   [tags: Minors]

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Concept of Consent

- Recent developments in standard of care and professional relationship with patients have made law fundamental to the study and practice of nursing. At every stage of patients care, law helps bring up to date nursing practice and it is essential that nurses understand the legal and ethical implications of law in their nursing profession (Griffith and Tengrah, 2011). The purpose of this essay is to discuss the concept of consent in relation to the role of the nurse. This will aim at demonstrate ethical and legal implication of consent on nursing practice and professional working....   [tags: Health Care, Nursing]

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Areas for Improvement in Informed Consent

- ... The reading level for these forms is way above the reading level for 27 percent of adults in the United States Deborah (261). Franklin point out that there is no individualized approach to these forms, the risks for the procedure is specific to that one patient, and in order for patients to understand them, they would need a lawyer present to explain it to them. Franklin makes it clear that part of the doctor’s job should be to explain the risks the procedure and the percentage of any of the risk to each of their patients and ensure that all their patients have a full understanding of the consent forms....   [tags: medical, risks, understanding]

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Consent For A Treatment On A Person

- In the past, consent was never needed to perform a treatment on a person. However, as medicine and science began to advance at a rapid rate, along came hundreds of new machines/procedures that are incorporated into treatments, and the patients must be well informed of what’s going to happen to them before they undergo any type of procedure. Furthermore, the patients have the ability to become more informed on what is occurring to them if they know what kind of condition/disease is affecting them, so they become more biased in the types of treatment that they’ll receive....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Patient, Hospital]

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Consent Of A Parent And Adult

- Question #1 - Consider this: 17 year-old Tony, without the consent of his parents, married Donna, a fourteen year-old, also without her parent 's consent. They both misrepresented their ages to the City Clerk in the State of Booth, by producing computer-forged birth certificates. Tony and Donna lived together as Husband and Wife for 2 years until Tony left Donna for a co-worker, whom he married after a 3 month The Courtship. Is Tony guilty of bigamy. Explain your answer. No Tony would not be guilty of bigamy because his first marriage to the 14 year old was done under fraudulent circumstances, therefor the marriage is rendered null and void....   [tags: Marriage, Family, Parent, Divorce]

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Age Of Consent By The Bronski Beats

- Age of Consent by the Bronski Beats is a remarkable album that promoted a great message in the early 80s. The group members were Steve Bronski, Larry Steinbeck, and Jimmy Somerville. They met in 1983 and started doing live shows. In the following year, the group got signed by the London Recording. They released the Age of Consent on October 15, 1984 which attracted the public’s attraction. The Age of Consent is a phenomenal album that brought attention to the Gay rights issue in United Kingdom in the early 1980s....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, Bronski Beat, Smalltown Boy]

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Consent Of The Health Care Professional

- Consent is where a person provides either written, verbal or implied authorisation for something to happen (“Consent”, n.d.). Before any medical procedure, treatment or operation, the health care professional must gain consent from the patient. Under New South Wales law, failing to gain consent prior to medical treatment can result in legal action being taken and the health care professional being charged with assault and battery (NSW Government, 2005). For consent to be valid and legal, the patient receiving the treatment must be informed of, and completely understand their condition and the reason for their treatment in order to make the most appropriate and informed decision without any...   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Patient]

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Questions On Affirmative Consent Law

- This paper uses the interviews garnered from UCLA undergraduate students to explore participants’ lay conception of what constitutes “affirmative consent.” The following excerpts are answers provided by the participants on the topic of the affirmative consent law in California. All of the participants are UCLA undergraduate students with varying social-economic, racial, and educational backgrounds who engaged in 5 to 10 minute answer-question interview. The responses indicated that there are concurring opinions and thoughts with varying degrees of differences on the subject....   [tags: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse, Rape]

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Informed Consent by Deborah Franklin

- Why should you read consent forms. No really, why. Does anybody even read these things to start with. Why can’t you just trust the doctors and just take their words when they say it that all going to be ok Mr. Insert name here. This form of thought is what journalist Deborah Franklin is trying to stop people from doing. In her passage “Informed Consent” she takes a stance against the way consent forms are handled, and the fact that doctors do not take the time to explain the forms and the risks of the procedures to their patients is wrong and should be fixed....   [tags: medical records, patients, doctors]

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The Legal Age Of Consent

- We all know the legal age of consent differs from state too state, and with every country. What about culturally, religiously, or by gender. With women especially consent comes with many different thought processes and restrictions. Marriage, stereotypes, fearThese are all factors within todays society that define the age of consent for each individual. With a world full of different backgrounds and stereotypes, navigating through the world of sexuality can be difficult. In the world of sex, women are treated differently than men....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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The Age Of Consent Movement

- The Age of Consent Movement The Age of Consent movement originated in 1885 as a part of the Social Purity Movement. The Social Purity Movement focused on eliminating sexual relations that were immoral. This included prostitution and sex before marriage. Like many women’s rights’ movements, both fought for equality to their male counterparts. However, the age of consent movement focused primarily on younger girls and their ability to consent to sexual relations. Before the movement and during the movement, girls were subjected to intercourse with men who were two, three and probably four times their age....   [tags: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse]

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The Development Of Affirmative Consent

- I am choosing to write my paper over why the development of “affirmative consent” in California Universities started, or rather, what caused the need for a more contemporary form of consent. This issue is being addressed in other lingo such as, the “yes means yes” push instead of “no means no”. The affirmative consent recommendations/University mendations (when it pertains to California’s public schools). How I want to to go about this paper is first by starting research on the development of this even being an issue(it’s rather inductive, but it will let me know where to start looking for all sorts of other problems too check off the list)....   [tags: Sex, Male, Female, Sexual intercourse]

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Informed Consent, Refusal, and Competence

- In the medical field today, whenever a procedure is going to be done on a patient, informed consent must be given to the doctor from the patient prior the procedure taking place. Informed consent is the approval given by the patient to the doctor for treatment. In the case being discussed today, an 80 year old patient, with a history of congestive heart failure, is in the doctor's office complaining of chest pains. After an examination, the doctor believes the best course of treatment would be to have a surgical procedure, in an attempt to save the patients life....   [tags: the patients’ right to choose medical care]

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Parental Consent For Teenage Abortions

- Parental Consent for Teenage Abortions In the decades following the Roe versus Wade case, abortion still remains a controversial topic. It is said that three out of ten under aged girls will become pregnant before the age of 20 which is almost 750,000 pregnancies a year which results in 35% of pregnant teens having an abortion. Many teens who can 't confide in an adult choose to go in the abortion route. In 1981, eight years after abortion became legalized, the Minnesota Parental Notification law was passed taking away the abortion right from minors where both parents must be notified within 48 hours before the medical procedure is done....   [tags: Abortion, Pregnancy, Abortion debate, Pro-choice]

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Capacity and Consent: Paramedic Reflection

- Description My colleague and I received an emergency call to reports of a female on the ground. Once on scene an intoxicated male stated that his wife is under investigation for “passing out episodes”. She was lying supine on the kitchen floor and did not respond to A.V.P.U. I measured and inserted a nasopharyngeal airway which was initially accepted by my patient. She then regained consciousness and stated, “Oh it’s happened again has it?” I removed the airway and asked my colleague to complete base line observations and ECG which were all within the normal range....   [tags: Standard of Care, Mental Health]

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Should Teens Have Parental Consent to Receive Birth Control?

- As we see in the world today many teens are becoming mothers before they finish high school or before they turn 18. Although some teens are on birth control already many are not because they are afraid to tell their parents which may lead to their parents thinking they are sexually active. Moreover, teens usually find themselves in a professional clinic trying to seek different options of birth control but they are derailed by having parental consent or notification. Many clinics have a policy were teen needs to have parental consent to receive birth control....   [tags: pro consents, condoms, hiv, aids]

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Standardized Guidelines For Informed Consent

- Participants There were 115 participants. Of these, 55 were male (47.8%) and 60 were female (52.2%). The age of the sample ranged from 12 to 69 (M = 26.23, SD = 9.63). This included 19.1% Caucasian (N = 22), 59.1% Hispanic (N = 68), 6.1% Native American (N = 7), 5.2% African American (N = 6), 4.3% Asian (N = 5), and 6.1% of participants reporting “other” (N = 7). Materials and Procedure Following the standardized guidelines for informed consent, potential partakers were informed about the study having no potential risks and it only being for the main purpose of completing a class assignment....   [tags: Color, Red, Green, Primary color]

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Informed Consent in Healthcare

- The Doctor and Patient relationship aspect of Medicine has changed drastically in the last twenty years. It has evolved from paternalism (the doctor makes the decision for the patient) to shared decision making where the patient is considered an equal partner in his/her own health related decisions. Informed consent is the cornerstone for this view. When a patient or a research subject makes an autonomous decision after understanding, the risks and benefits involved with the decision is Informed consent....   [tags: Health Care, Legal Issues, HIPAA ]

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Informed Consent and Abortion

- Ethical Issue Paper: Informed Consent & Abortion Informed consent is an important matter in helping professions. It allows for the professional (doctor, therapist, teacher, etc.) to share pertinent information with a patient or client, and give them the opportunity to make educated decisions on behalf of their life and health. Its overall goal is to keep things in an open perspective for the client and let them see all sides, good and bad. In regards to abortion procedures, informed consent has become a debated issue....   [tags: ethical issues, unintended pregnancies]

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Informed Consent

- Informed Consent According to West's Encyclopedia of American Law, the definition of informed consent is "consent by a patient to a surgical or medical procedure or participation in a clinical study after achieving an understanding of the relevant medical facts and the risks involved” (Fallon L.F.Jr, 2010, p. 1). Basically, this is a form stating that the physician has explained, in words that the patient can understand, the details of the treatment or procedure that is being proposed, including the benefits the risks, as well as alternatives....   [tags: Medical Ethics ]

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Informed Consent

- The world is full of questions. People are constantly searching for answers. People read, explore, and investigate to find answers. Researchers are professionals who search for answers but they are governed by rules and regulations on how to set up studies to find answers. Ethics are the guidelines or standards used by researchers when setting up a study. Ethical research studies abide by the guidelines set up by the American Psychological Association (APA). They need to understand concept of risk to benefit ratio....   [tags: Ethics ]

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Consent As The Permission, Or Approval Of A Any Action

- Consent is known as the permission, or approval of a certain action. A current debate in today’s society is about consent during sexual relations. This is a very controversial subject due to the fact that there are so many different scenarios that come into play when you are talking about consent between parties. When discussing consent, there are many different topics that come into play depending on who you are talking to. In my opinion, one of the most important things that come into play when discussing this topic is respecting who you are with....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Sex, Lies, And Consent By Tom Dougherty

- In the day and age where online dating and meeting is becoming more common, it’s easy to alter how you are perceived. You can disclose details about yourself you believe are attractive and withhold/hide information about yourself you believe other people would reject you for. The Lenient Thesis provides that it is only a minor wrong to deceive another person into sex by misleading them about certain personal features such as natural hair color, occupation, or romantic intentions. This thesis does exclude run-of-the-mill deception like someone’s sexual history, t.v show preferences, or how funny one finds the other....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Elements Of Consent For The Medical Protection Society

- Elements of Consent According to The Medical Protection Society (MPS 2015), consent it is needed for any treatment/intervention or care and this cannot be imposed by the healthcare team as ought be the expression of a patient 's wish and decision otherwise this is unethical and equally illegal. There are required elements in the process of informed consent. These include: Competence, disclosure, understanding, confidentiality, voluntariness and communication. A patient it is presumed to be competent to make an informed decision until proven otherwise....   [tags: Health care provider, Health care, Autonomy]

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Consent- A Common Fourth Amendment Exception

- Consent- A common Fourth Amendment Exception It is amazing that in this day and age that there is even a concern about the constitutional rights of suspects involved in computer related crime. The rights of the citizens of this country have been eroded by the passage of many laws including the U.S.A. P.A.T.R.O.T. Act. People can expect to have less privacy because of these laws. The government can enter a person’s house that is not suspected of terrorism or any criminal activity at all. They are free to search the house of that person....   [tags: police, illegal activities, home]

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Elements Of Consent For The Medical Protection Society

- Elements of Consent According to The Medical Protection Society (MPS 2015), consent it is needed for any treatment/intervention or care and this cannot be imposed by the healthcare team as ought be the expression of a patient 's wish and decision otherwise this is unethical and equally illegal. There are required elements in the process of informed consent. These include: Competence, disclosure, understanding, confidentiality, voluntariness and communication. A patient is presumed to be competent to make an informed decision until proved otherwise....   [tags: Health care provider, Health care, Autonomy]

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Analysis Of Hela Cells And Informed Consent

- HeLa Cells and Informed Consent in Research Today, tissue is stored in blood banks, research labs, and tissue banks for later use or research. Skloot (2010, p. 315) states, “When you go to the doctor for a routine blood test or to have a mole removed, when you have an appendectomy, tonsillectomy, or any other kind of ectomy, the stuff you leave behind doesn’t always get thrown out.” Henrietta Lacks contribution to the medical science world of her “HeLa” cells has paved the way for medical discoveries in prevention and treatment of disease in the United States....   [tags: HeLa, George Otto Gey, Henrietta Lacks, Cancer]

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John Locke 's Consent Theory

- John Locke’s consent theory outlines what true consent should look like, but not what specific acts indicate consent. A significant number of institutions claim to have authority over any given individual: landlords, universities, local, state, and federal governments. When does a person consent to these authorities. For some it is obvious but for others it is not, for example, when does someone consent to the government. If one were to join the military, that would be a clear sign of consent. Contrarily, voting is not an act of consent because it does not follow Locke’s outline for consent theory: it is not intentional, informed, or voluntary....   [tags: Democracy, Voter turnout, David Hume]

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Children 's Parental Consent Or Notification

- Forget “The Talk” In the United States, each state has their own rules towards adolescents and whether they can access contraception. Twenty-one states allow all adolescents this access without parental consent or notification. Under some conditions, twenty-five states grants young adults consent to contraception. For instance, some states restrict access to teenagers who are not married. In North Carolina, any adolescent can receive contraception without parent’s consent ("Minors Access to Contraceptive Health Care.")....   [tags: Pregnancy, Sexual intercourse, Teenage pregnancy]

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Informed Consent in Providing Health-Care

- “Action X is an informed consent by person P to intervention I if and only if: 1. P receives a thorough disclosure regarding I 2. P comprehends the disclosure 3. P acts voluntarily in performing X 4. P is competent to perform X, and 5. P consents to I” (Faden 274). The usage of informed consent is considered to be an essential component to providing healthcare and creating a good patient-physician relationship. The most standard model of Informed consent says you must have the following essentials to be considered authentic informed consent: disclosure, understanding (true understanding), voluntariness, competence and most importantly actual given consent....   [tags: Practical Position, Legal Component]

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Should Minors Be Required Parental Consent?

- Should minors be required to have parental consent to obtain birth control. I believe that today’s adolescents between the ages of thirteen through eighteen should be able to obtain a form of birth control without parental consent. Minors will often make life changing decisions regardless of their parent’s opinion or consent. During a minors teen years their curiosity will obscure their judgement. As for parents, the odds of teens reaching out to them aren’t in their favor. Sexual conversations between parents and teens are over looked....   [tags: Birth control, Pregnancy, Adolescence]

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Taking Pictures of Patients without their Consent

- Getting a $20,000 reward while keeping my identity unknown, is the best that happened to me. I am so behind on my rent and my car had just gotten repossessed. My best friend is the one to thank. I can still keep my job, and nobody found out about the pictures that I had taken… I then realized I had been dreaming and I never got rewarded, because the Gossip Gazette called me yesterday and I declined respectfully that very moment they gave me that offer. I had made a terrible mistake. This is not my friend’s fault but my very own....   [tags: social media, nursing field, hippa]

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The Importance Of Parental Consent For Children With Disabilities

- According to Heward, Alber-Morgan, & Konrad (2017), it is mandated by IDEA that schools follow a specific process to identify whether not a child has a disability and how to educate children with disabilities. These five steps are known as prereferral, evaluation and eligibility determination, program planning, placement, and progress monitoring, annual review, and reevaluation, consecutively. The first step is usually initiated when a “teacher or a parent reports a concern about differences in learning, behavior, or development,” or when a screening test indicates the possibility of that child having a disability (Heward et al., 2017, p....   [tags: Individualized Education Program, Education]

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Questions On Informed Consent, Members Of The Community

- In correspondence to the guidelines regarding informed consent, members of the community were informed of the potential risks and benefits of participating in the study before receiving any research material. If the participant agreed verbally to partake in the study they were given one of the three available documents, each of which consisted of two parts each. In the first part of the study, the participant was given an anagram task with specific instructions to read carefully. Each of the three documents given explained the same instructions, but with alternate color conditions (Red, Green, Black) that led to the peculiar outcome in each participant....   [tags: Color, Red, Analysis of variance, Green]

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Informed Consent Form Information And Purpose

- Informed Consent Form Information and Purpose: The intent of this interview is to explore your perception of how the projected budget cuts and changes will affect you. We are going to ask you several questions. We will want to record your answers by written notes and voice recorder (as needed). The interview for which you are being asked to participate in, is a part of a classroom research study that is focused on examining the understanding of the impact of the projected budget cuts. The researchers are also interested in the factors that keep students wanting to continue their education despite rising debt for each semester....   [tags: Higher education, University, Education, Student]

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Ethical Issues Involved in Obtaining Consent for Treatment

- Ethical Issues Involved in Obtaining Consent for Treatment Medical consent is the act, in healthcare, of informing patients of disease processes, its natural history and treatments or observation of such. Consent involves competing values of patient autonomy versus provider paternalism and much of the ethical controversy resides here. Consent is commonly written, but may be oral or implied, and is often supported with decision aids such as written materials, videos, etc. The ethics of medical consent requires a greater standard than the legal requirement....   [tags: Medical Ethics]

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Mandatory Consent Classes : The United States And United Kingdom

- “I’m 16 and I only learned the true meaning of consent this year,” claims student, Abigail Beamish. Unfortunately, this is becoming the reality for many students across the United States and United Kingdom. An article by the Washington Post supports this unclear view among college age students. They say that students do not know what constitutes consent when one partner is drunk, or when a clear “yes” is not heard. Due to these discrepancies in consent, universities such as Cambridge are implementing mandatory consent classes....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Is Informed Consent Always Necessary for Randomized, Controlled Trials?

- Is informed consent always necessary for randomized, controlled trials. The following sentences are different scenarios that answer the question. Informed consent should not be waived unless the treatment is offered inside and outside the trial. Treatment should not involve more than minimal risk compared to alternatives. Genuine clinic must value the treatments the same. No reasonable person should have a preference for one treatment or another (Truog et al. 1999). If the treatments can be found in and outside of the trial, then you don't need the consent of the patient....   [tags: patient, treatment, standards]

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Ethical, Legal And Professional Issue Regarding Consent Issue

- (200) INTRODUCTION (300) 1> Discuss the process of obtaining informed decision-making/ informed consent. (300) 2> Discuss the issue related with informed decision-making and consent for adult who lack capacity to make decisions (300) 3> Discuss the issue related with informed decision-making in specific health care situation (300) 4> Discuss communications and cultural issue in informed decision-making in clinical healthcare (300) 5> Discuss ethical, legal and professional issue regarding consent issue (300) 6> Discuss the significance of its application to our nursing practice (300) 7> Identify possible improvements in our clinical practice and reflect on personal learning as...   [tags: Health care provider, Health care, Patient]

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Hypothetical Consent and Political Legitimacy

- ABSTRACT: A commonly accepted criticism of the social contract approach to justifying political authority targets the notion of hypothetical consent. Hypothetical contracts, it is argued, are not binding; therefore hypothetical consent cannot justify political authority. I argue that although hypothetical consent may not be capable of creating political obligation, it has the power to legitimate political arrangements. Hypothetical Consent and Justification A commonly accepted criticism of the social contract approach to justifying political authority targets the idea of hypothetical consent....   [tags: What is Politics?]

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Affirmative Consent And Its Effect On Sexual Activity

- What many states have defined in law as full consent of both parties states that both parties agree to and show excitement and willingness to partake in sexual intercourse. Yet even with such definition there are still gray areas that need to be addressed. For example if consent is given initially and midway through the act, one party retracts the consent without voicing concern to the other party, then by the redefinition of rape it is considered as such. California recently passed a bill that defines consent in the state....   [tags: Rape, Sexual assault, Sexual intercourse]

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Bring The Affirmative Consent Curriculum Into High School Education

- Bring the Affirmative Consent Curriculum into High School Education California has recently passed a bill that requires affirmative consent curriculum to be taught in the state’s high schools. The affirmative consent, or so-called “yes means yes” standard of consent, has been adopted by California and followed by many other states in recent years, which had replaced the original “no means no” standard. Before, the accuser in a suit of sexual assault was usually required to give evidence of a clear denial of sexual intercourse....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Informed Consent: Significance in Living Donor Education

- The transplant nurse coordinator is the main source in providing education to the transplant patient and their families. Education is provided through informational learning sessions, teaching manuals, and the internet. Recent regulations mandated nationally by the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) have made informed consent standardized. The addition of informed consent will add to the education process as it provides living donors with information to make well-informed decisions regarding their future health....   [tags: Transplant, Transplant Nurse, Patient, Education]

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Young People’s Views of Lowering the Age of Consent

- ... Research Question and Hypothesis The research is going to finding young people’s attitude to the reduction of the age of consent. Thus the question is whether they would change attitude and be stimulated to have earlier sexual activities or not, if the boundary reduces. The hypothesis is lowering the age of consent has ‘negative moral message’ to teenagers. Research Methods Methodology It is hard to measure the attitude changing precisely in the research within the positivism thought. An easier way to grasp this changing is though observing teenagers’ subjecting expression and understanding to the issue....   [tags: sexual attitudes, ethics, prohibition]

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Locke 's Views On Property, Taxing And Collective Consent

- 1. Explain Locke 's views on property, taxing and collective consent. John Locke According to John Locke 's Theories Two Treaties of Government (1690), he believed that every person was born free and equal in which he calls the State of Nature. Although people are free however, they cannot do whatever they want. Governing the State of Nature is the Law of Nature. The Law of Nature states that we must preserve ourselves and other people and we all have the right to unalienable rights. These rights include “life, liberty, and property”....   [tags: United States Declaration of Independence]

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Article Analysis : No Consent Is Not Like Drinking Tea

- Over the semester, I’ve learned many ways to better myself as a writer. I’ve learned how to use quotes and evidence efficiently in my essays, how to go from one paragraph to another efficiently, and I’ve learned hot to connect all my ideas in my essay to my thesis. All of these things that I’ve learned, has helped me to make my essays just a little bit stronger and easier for me to get my opinions out there. It makes my essays clearer and easier to follow. One of the problems that I had in the beginning of the semester was my inability to connect the quotes from the articles that I chose to use to my essays, clearly....   [tags: Essay, Writing, Human sexual behavior]

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Abortion for Underage Children Should Require Parental Consent

- Underage people are prohibiting smoking, drinking, or going in field trips without their parents’ permission. Therefore, how can a teenage girl have an abortion without the approval of her parents. Abortion itself is a controversial subject, and underage abortion is even more controversial. Minors should not have an abortion without the consent of their parents or their legal guardians for a variety of reasons. First, most adolescents are not mature enough to make decisions that will change their lives forever....   [tags: Abortion Essays]

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Placebos Sould be Used on Patients Without their Consent

- The documented use of placebos on patients goes as far back as 1580 (Placebo Effect 58) and as the use of placebos on patients spreads more and more, a question arises. That question is whether or not the use of placebos on patients without obtaining their consent is an acceptable practice in medicine. The answer is that placebos should be used on patients without their consent. This will be argued by explaining why certain people think that placebos are unethical, why are placebos safe, and by comparing them with other forms of medicine....   [tags: medicine, endorphins, patients, ethics]

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Minors and Abortion: Parental Consent Must be Mandatory

- How can a child make the decision for the life of another child by themselves. In this paper I will outline the mental, physical, and safety issues of minors (age 18 and under) having an abortion and why it is so important that they need to get parental consent before making this life long decision. Talking about abortion brings out an emotional response in many women. This is because having an abortion takes a massive emotional toll on some women. As Nanyjo Mann said, three weeks after having an abortion, “I became preoccupied with the thoughts of death....   [tags: Argumentative Essay, Persuasive Essay]

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Legal Capacity, Consent, And Legality Of The Common Law Of Contract

- Introduction Jane, Jerry and Sam is attempting to launch proceedings against NAP for loss rising from cancellation of the competition outlined in the question. The plaintiffs’ actions would depend on whether there is a breach of contract by NAP. It is essential that key facts come under close scrutiny and are considered in relation to contract law. In order to advise Jane, Jerry and Sam the application of the common law of contract will determine if a contract exists, terms of the contract and whether a breach of contract has occurred....   [tags: Contract, Contract law, Breach of contract]

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The Idea of Consent in the Works of Locke and Rousseau

- The Idea of Consent in the Works of Locke and Rousseau The idea of consent is a key element in the works of John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. In the "Second Treatise of Government," Locke puts forth his conception of the ideal form of government based on a social contract. As Locke develops his theory of consent, he also incorporates theories of political obligation on the part of all citizens of his state as well as his theory of revolution and the conditions under which rebellion is permissible....   [tags: Papers]

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Against Consent Searches

- Schneckloth v. Bustamonte is a decidedly pro-order case because it qualifies another excuse police can raise to search a citizen. It asserts that an individual can verbally waive their Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures so long as this waiver is not coerced by a government official. The Court goes on to decide that it is not required for suspects to demonstrate knowledge of these rights before waiving them. The blow to liberty interest is put most elegantly in Justice Marshall's dissent when he writes, "I have difficulty in comprehending how a decision made without knowledge of available alternatives can be treated as a choice at all." This precedent that a c...   [tags: Legal Law]

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ECT as an Effective Treatment for Self Harm

- ECT as an Effective Treatment for Self Harm in Extreme Cases of Mentally Unstable Patients who Cannot Give Informed Consent There is much controversy in regards to how far a practitioner should go to protect a patient's well-being, whilst trying to adhere to their rights and consent of treatment methods (Feldman, 1990, p. 261). The most ethical solution is to only resort to extreme methods of treatments if the patient is clearly seen as not being mentally stable enough to provide the right judgement call, and if they are in a life-threatening situation in which they could potentially harm themselves or others....   [tags: Informed Consent]

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John Locke on Tacit and Unintended Consent

- In his Second Treatise on Law and Government, John Locke outlines clear and coherent standards for what constitutes a legitimate government and what persons one such government would have authority over. Both are determined by citizens' acts of consenting to relinquish to the government part of their natural authority over their own conduct. Unfortunately, the situation becomes much less clear once we consider how his standards would apply to the political situation existing in the real world today....   [tags: Empiricists, Empiricism]

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The Language of Sexual Crime: Consent an Essential Factor in Sexual Offenses

- 1 Introduction Consent can be found in different kinds of human activities, including recruiting, signing contracts, giving approval for medical treatment and engaging in sexual activities. Especially in sexual activities, consent is a critical element for making conduct permissible. Although there are some studies on discussing whether the occurrence of consent is an essential factor in sexual offences (Pineau 1989; Tiersma 2007), it remains important in Hong Kong legislation. Hong Kong Ordinances Cap.200 s.118 has stated that, “(3) A man commits rape if – (a) he was unlawful sexual intercourse with a woman who at the time of the intercourse does not consent to it; and (b) at that time he...   [tags: sexual intercourse, interpretation]

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Disclosure, Fidelity, And Consent Are The Most Important Building Blocks For Any Relationship

- Full disclosure, fidelity, and consent are the most important building blocks for any relationship. I believe these practices would provide a safer experience for all participating parties. However, the parties must vow to take these principles seriously and continue to build upon them. The consequences of breaking these vows could be detrimental to your physical and mental well-being and could hinder any future relationships of both parties. Sexual relationships can be great when you respect the other person as much as you respect yourself....   [tags: Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality]

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Informed Decision On Consent Of An Individual Without Persuasions From The University Of North Carolina

- Informed consent means having the consent of an individual without persuasions or influences of any kind including force, fraud, or any other form of constraint (The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 2016). Before a person gives consent, sufficient information regarding the research must be presented so that the person can make an informed decision on if they want to participate in the research. The information presented must be given in a way that the potential human subject is able to understand....   [tags: Science, Scientific method, Research, Scientist]

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Should Teenagers Have Access For Birth Control Without Parent 's Consent?

- The choice is yours Should teenagers have access to birth control without parent’s consent. The answer is yes, because statistics show this to be one of the main reasons for a lot of unplanned pregnancies. “In 2013, there were 26.5 births for every 1,000 adolescent female’s ages 15-19, or 273,105 babies born to females in this age group. Nearly eighty-nine percent of these births occurred outside of marriage (” “Most teens tell parents about birth control use, But One in Five would have sex without contraceptives if notice were mandatory (” “But a law requiring that their parents be notified would lead a significant proportion 18% to have sex using no contraceptive m...   [tags: Pregnancy, Sexual intercourse]

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Should Minors Receive Parental Consent before Having an Abortion?

- Abortion is a very sensitive, yet popular, topic that is plaguing the United States. According to Merriam-Webster, abortion is, “A medical procedure used to end a pregnancy and cause the death of a fetus.” (n.d.). According to Griffin-Carlson &Mackin (1993), “In 1988, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that there were 1,371,285 abortions in the United States, 25% of which were obtained by women under 19. Researches at the National Center for Health Statistics estimated that of the 1.1 million pregnancies among teenagers in 1981, 40% ended in abortion, 13% in miscarriage, and 47% in live births (p....   [tags: unwanted pregnancies in minors]

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The Legal Ideals Surrounding Consent And How One Can Be Charged With Sexual Assault

- Now this discussion leads to the legal ideals surrounding consent and how one can be charged with sexual assault. It is just as likely that the HIV negative partner could have infected them with something (e.g. syphilis, Chlamydia, hepatitis [all types depending on sexual encounter]), but the penalties tend to not be as severe. Many times, the prosecutors use the Canadian Criminal Code Section 265 (3) (c) to illicit how consent was invalid for sex with people living with HIV: “For the purposes of this section, no consent [to physical contact] is obtained where the complainant submits or does not resist by reason of … fraud.” By not disclosing this one aspect of a person’s sexuality, they co...   [tags: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse]

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The Age Of Consent By Elizabeth Cavalier And Elisabeth O. Burgess Article

- One of the most controlled aspects of sexuality is the regulation of who can have sex with who. Most of these regulations are laws protecting people that cannot give consent, like minors and some people with disabilities, from being exploited by others. The age of consent is a highly debatable subject. In Elizabeth Cavalier and Elisabeth O. Burgess article Too Young to Consent. the authors point out that ‘the fifteen year gap between a 55- year old man and his 40- year old wife is less significant than the three year age difference between a 18- and 15- year old’ (Cavalier and Burgess 401)....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Birth control, Homosexuality]

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Teenagers Should Be Permitted Access Contraception Without Their Parent 's Consent Or Knowledge

- Teenagers Should Be Permitted To Access Contraception Without Their Parent’s Consent Or Knowledge Jaspreet Kaur Mann Robbins Health Learning Centre MacEwan University   Introduction A case based on true story- Neema Dahiya, student of 10th standard belonged to a nuclear family who lived in a small village named as Hema Majra, Haryana. She was a really good-looking, yet shy girl. During that time period she met a boy who was two years older than her at a birthday party of her friend. Both started liking each other....   [tags: Adolescence, Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy]

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- The three main aspects of politics, religion and the women’s right to choose go into the different arguments over the debates of abortion. One of the movements which is pro-life which is against the legalization of abortion. Another main movement is pro-choice which believes that ‘if’ the fetus is a person then the women can’t if the abortion. However, pro-consent believes that the women have a right to choose to consent to the condition of pregnancy or obtain an abortion (McDonagh, 23). Pro-consent supports the rights of all living beings....   [tags: Abortion, argumentative, persuasive ]

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Cultural Competence and Informed Consent in Health Care: Confronting a Fetal Abnormality

- ... (Collier & Haliburton, 15-17) Paternalism not so long ago was the model used in patient relations, it embodies two main ethical principles: beneficence—doing good- and non-maleficence—preventing harm. Dr. Fox could have prevented harm by considering the family’s wishes, and would have done well if he waited until Leyla was more emotionally stable. Furthermore, one of the main reasons paternalism is no longer an ideal model is because of autonomy. However, autonomy, which is embodied by the principle of informed consent, was additionally violated in the above case, Dr....   [tags: kindness from health care professionals]

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A Woman 's Parenting Responsibility For Her Body Without Consent

- Some of the objections to Thomson’s violinist analogy include: (a) the violinist is forced to plug into your body without consent, which is only analogous to cases of pregnancy due to rape; (b) abortion actively kills the fetus whereas unplugging the violinist passively lets him die; and (c) a mother fundamentally has a parenting responsibility for her child whereas you have no such special connection and thus no responsibility for the violinist. The strongest objection, in my opinion, arises from (c), the idea that the fetus is the pregnant woman’s child whereas the violinist is simply a stranger....   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Logic, Argument]

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The Wise Ruling and the Unwise Seeking Consent of the Masses

- The Wise Ruling and the Unwise Seeking Consent of the Masses The most difficult thing for a regime to achieve is that of acquiring the best ruler, with the consent of the ruled. Aristotle acknowledges this in his works The Politics, and Caius Marcius Coriolanus faces this difficult task in the Shakespeare play The Tragedy of Coriolanus. We even see this same difficult task arise in contemporary politics, as the masses are wooed one way or the other with sound bites, and talk show appearances, by candidates who may not be the best leader for the republic....   [tags: Papers]

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Manufacturing Consent by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky

- Journal on The Manufacture of Consent In Noam Chomsky's film I have learned quite a few things about life in a democratic society. This film has made think in a three dimensional way for whom is really right, Noam Chomsky or those who he calls "Elites". I have come to the conclusion that Noam Chomsky is right, for his claim is very convincing which is that the media is controlled by the elites who determine what the public should know. How exactly does Chomsky prove all this to make sense....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Informed Consent Quality of Life: Respirating Cadaver Confidentiality

- Informed Consent Quality of Life: Respirating Cadaver Confidentiality Artificial Heart: What makes humans human Artificial Heart Research vs. Quality of Life Informed Consent-Therapeutic Misconception Using humans as guinea pigs-respect for human life Barney Clark was used as a guinea pig. The patient was not going to benefit from the procedure but the procedure was done to try to improve the surgery for the whole of society. The chances of his prolonged survival were nearly nonexistent....   [tags: Medicine Ethics]

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Ethical And Conduct Research With Vulnerable Groups

- This essay will contain a critical discussion of ‘vulnerability’, and whether it can ever be ethical to conduct research with vulnerable groups. This essay will look into anonymity, confidentiality and informed consent and why it is important to use these when conducting research. It will also discuss safety and risk for researchers and the participants to ensure the research is carried out without harm. This assignment will concentrate widely on ethics and vulnerability in relation to children....   [tags: Ethics, Research, Informed consent]

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The Case Of Riser V. American Medical Int, Inc.

- In the case of Riser v. American Medical Int’l, Inc., Riser, a 69-year-old mother of four children, was suffering from circulation complications in her lower arms and hands. She had a history of several conditions such as diabetes mellitus, end-stage renal failure, and arteriosclerosis. The physician at Hospital A, Dr. Sottiurai, requested bilateral arteriograms to find the etiology of Riser’s circulation problems. However, Hospital A could not fulfill Dr. Sottiurai’s request, so Riser was transferred to Hospital B under the care of Dr....   [tags: Ethics, Informed consent, Patient]

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The Legal Age Of The United States

- In America, the legal age to sign off on any medical consent is 18 years of age. Seventeen year olds should be able to compose their own medical decisions, and sign off on their own medical consents. Power should land in their hands, accompanied by the professional advice of a doctor. It is your body, be compelled to fabricate a decision without having to have your parent’s signature. One reason why seventeen year olds ought to undergo their own medical decisions is at the age of seventeen you are well off to know the positive, and the negative effects of the decisions you generate....   [tags: Medicine, Informed consent, Physician]

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Should Birth Control Be Available to Teenage Girls?

- Birth control is not available to teenage girls without a parents consent, yet condoms are. In this paper I will be telling you about why I think teenage girls SHOULD be able to get birth control without their parent’s permission. Now first off I want to say that I’m not over here supporting teen sex, and I do understand that most people think that if you’re going to have sex in the first place, you should be able to ask for help and protection when you need it. I do agree with that, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still going to happen....   [tags: parents consent, condoms]

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