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Informed consent is a very serious decision a patient has to make when it comes to their health and consenting to procedures that are believed to cure or treat their current health status. It is important to address the effectiveness of the role a physician play in the informed consent process assuring that the patient has given truly informed consent and what safeguards can be put in place to assure the patient is exercising informed consent. Informed consent is based on the fact that the person consenting is a rational individual that is aware of the action to which he/she is consenting. Allen and McNamara (2011) notes that "On the standard understanding, the important elements of informed consent are the provision of information, the voluntariness of the choice and the competence of the chooser to make the choice— so the potential research participant should be provided with information relevant to the decision to participate, they should be able to choose freely about their participation and they should be competent to decide. However, informed consent has many flawed elements in the concept. In order to support this belief, the following issues must be addressed include the following: disclosure of pertinent medical facts and alternative course of treatment, including refusal, ensuring absence of coercion and manipulation, and ensuring patient intellectual capacity to understand the medical information. Disclosure of pertinent medical facts and alternative course of treatment should not be overlooked by the physician in the decision making process. This is very important information impacting whether that patient will go along with the recommended treatment. The right to informed consent did not become a judicial issue ... ... middle of paper ... ...preference predictions into the shared decision- making process if this reduces the stress and burden on their loved ones and increases the chances that they will receive treatment consistent with their preferences and values. If true, using preference predictions would also promote the goal of respecting patients’ preferences regarding how treatment decisions are made for them." In conclusion, obtaining informed consent is a vital part of respect for the patient and safeguarding of self-determination. The consent to participate in research or treatment should be informed, comprehensible, and free of coercion. There is not a clear black and white answer because no matter what is done to assure informed consent there is always a moment of doubt on the end of the patient as to whether what is going to take place is fully understood and their true wishes honored.

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