Scottish Patient Safety Programme and the Early Detection of the Deteriorating Patient

Scottish Patient Safety Programme and the Early Detection of the Deteriorating Patient

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Scottish Patient Safety Programme
and the Early Detection of the Deteriorating Patient
The aim of this reflection is to discuss patient safety in an acute setting according to the Scottish Patient Safety Programme. I will be using a model of reflection, Gibbs Reflective Cycle to structure my essay (Gibbs 1988 cited in Paterson and Chapman, 2013). In accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council identifiable information will not be written, maintaining confidentiality (NMC, 2010a).
Health Improvement Scotland coordinated the Scottish Patient Safety Programme created to improve the safety of patients across Scotland (NHS Scotland, 2010a). Four groups were created to manage patient safety, one of which was established to supervise care within an acute adult setting (NHS Scotland, 2010a). During my practice learning experience a male patient was brought into the accident and emergency department following a serious assault, he had suffered severe lacerations to his head, face and hands. Prior to arriving, ambulance staff did not call to warn nursing and medical staff. As a result, the team were unprepared and the patient was brought into the wrong area within the department. The patient should have gone straight into the resuscitation area where the appropriate equipment is available, in case of patient deterioration (Brooker and Nicol, 2011).

On arrival nursing staff initiated SBAR with ambulance staff. SBAR is a communication tool which stands for situation, background, assessment and recommendation; providing a structured way to retrieve all vital information triggering a relevant response (NHS Scotland, n.d.b). An A to E assessment was commenced as soon as the patient arrived within the departme...

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