Quality And Safety Education In Nursing Essay

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Quality and Safety Education for Nurses The overall goal for the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) plan is to meet the challenge of educating and preparing future nurses to have the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are essential to frequently progress the quality and safety of the healthcare systems in the continuous improvement of safe practice (QSEN, 2014).Safety reduces the possibility of injury to patients and nurses. It is achieved through system efficiency and individual work performance. Organizations determine which technologies have an effective protocol with efficient practices to support quality and safety care. Guidelines are followed to reduce potential risks of harm to nurses or others. Appropriate policies …show more content…

The rate of errors and situations are seen as chances for improvement. A great degree of preventable adversative events and medical faults happen. They cause injury to patients and their loved ones. Events are possibly able to occur in all types of settings. Innovations and strategies have been created to identify hazards to progress patient and staff safety. Nurses are dominant to providing an atmosphere and values of safety. As an outcome, nurses are becoming safety leaders in the healthcare environment(Utrich&Kear, …show more content…

It prepares a novice to be able to perform basic skills throughout their career. Learning is related in the classroom by simulation labs and clinical instructors. Educators consider nursing education to be serious. Their role in preparing nursing students is to convey safe practice for patients. They focus on educating students to learn the knowledge of essential care for different patients. New graduates who learn the sufficient knowledge and skills will be able to understand aspects to protect and design for the nurse and patient. Students are taught to recognize safety threats and will understand the significance of reporting errors for future prevention. Students and novices will value attentiveness and monitoring among situations in the healthcare environment. The configuration and purposes of nurses in a healthcare environment has a variety of safety cultures. Their training will teach them to be aware of different cultures and religions. Cooperative students will become future leaders in the initiation of faculty development. They will demonstrate ideas and alertness of the encounters that may occur. Quality development of safety and communication among the staff and patients are improved when staff members have a supportive relationship with their clinical partners. Good communication will lessen errors in the system. Nursing

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