Saving Our Environment One Person At A Time Essay

Saving Our Environment One Person At A Time Essay

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Saving Our Environment One Person at a Time
We are all guilty of doing it, whether we realize it or not. We drink the liquid from that plastic bottle, or read your newspaper, or print enough copies for all of the people in Sumner County, all to be thrown in the trash bin. All of this trash causes a big waste problem and to get rid of the waste. For my research paper, I decided to write about recycling globally, including how other countries recycle, how countries feel about recycling and how recycling differs throughout the whole world, and how the world is “being green”. Unfortunately, many people use these products in our environment, yet no one does anything to recycle these items or even to help our environment. Every country has the concept of recycling, but it may be different in the USA compared to Europe or Asia. However, together, we can work together to best handle theay waste without harming the environment.
To begin my paper, I am going to talk about the basic definition of recycling. Then, I will list the ways USA recycles and what we do to help our environment and “be green”. I will then compare other countries and how we all differ in our approach and beliefs. Then I will bring in statistics, data, and my research about this topic to explain how recycling and being green can affect us globally.
We all know what the recycling symbol is, as in Figure 1, with the usual three green chasing arrows. The first arrow is for collection (Stanford). This is when you put your recyclables into your curbside recycling bin or take them to a local drop-off center (Stanford). Many places actually have designated bins for certain items, such as a bin for paper, waste, plastic, or bottles. The collected materials are then prepare...

... middle of paper ... do it! We each can make a small change that will have a big impact on our world.
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