Importance Of Environmental Sustainability Essay

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Environmental pollution has always remained a serious problem in society today. Our planet is often being polluted by many toxins that are not only deadly to us, but our wildlife too. Environmental pollution leads to air pollution, environmental crisis, and global warming. Now there are many different ways that can help these topics be preventable. People need to understand what environmental sustainability truly is. Learning environmental sustainability will give people the tools and knowledge to help sustain our planet before it is too late. Planet earth is our home and people need to understand the damage being done to it. Understanding these important key factors will lead our planet to become healthier and a better place for life to live. People have to start off understanding what environmental sustainability means. Allie Sibole author of, The Ethics of Sustainability: Why Should We Care?, shares a perfect example, “Sustainability is a moral response to an incredible gift” (Sibole 1). What she explains is, our planet is the beloved gift. People need to not take…show more content…
Keith Douglas Warner with David Decosse authors of Thinking Ethically about the Environment explains that, “Environmental ethics apply ethical thinking to the natural world and the relationship between humans and the earth” (Douglas and Decosse 1). Understanding our environment will probably be the most important part of environmental ethics. By understanding the environment, one is putting one selves in the shoes of something that is relevant to nature. Understanding the struggles and helplessness that nature has will hopefully influence one to take better care of our planet. Feeling sympathy is something everyone needs to express towards planet Earth. Humans are the largest factor on deciding if the planet worsen or prosper. Our planet has nothing to do with how polluted it is, this is truly our
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