Essay About Environmental Issues

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Today talking about environmental issues lately to be like a common topic discussion until people take it for granted. However, the world facing a complex environmental problems related to each trouble that connected to one another and come out with greater impacts to the environment and humans. This is because the effects of environmental only can be seen in long term period rather than immediately result show up. Environmental issues must become one of the controversial matters in the society in order to make people know the truth what the world currently facing. There were a lot of environmental disaster happened such as climate change, global warming, various of pollutions, earthquake and etc. the rise of environmental issues begin with this urban development occur through several countries following with the technologies equip along. For sure, development will cause a huge negative impact to the environment if it deals without a care. Besides, the environment is the place in the ecosystem to hold and use in finding resources to continuously survive in this world. Thus, the finding and digging for the resources which happening extensively without preservation will not restore the surrounding similar with before. But then, the change cannot be refuse and people need to take an action to save the threaten the world and the ecosystem from being extinct. If each country has own output in causing an environmental problem, then consider the world to hold all the damage occurred. Exposing the effects of environmental issues throughout the world, make people realize the important to take care the environment. Focused on the global environmental issues, the global warming seems to be a serious case to deal with. If the global warming ... ... middle of paper ... human we need to take care of it by following all the correct measurement. Maybe, the smallest action can bring huge difference to the world and help to save the ecosystem. Any extinction species can be preserved and make a plantation to help the world green. Cut off any unnecessary activities that bring damage to the surrounding. Besides, generate of energy also can be changed with alternative ways like renewable energy that must be more clean and safe. The fossil fuel source also will not remain exists and will run out someday. Take a good action and care for our world as we live on it. This because the world content all the sources we need to survive like food, water, shelter and etc. The most important thing is to start activities and usage that are environmentally friendly, for example, organic foods and materials, natural gases, less electrical use and etc.
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