To What Exetent Does Recycling Decrease the Carbon Footprint

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Introduction to Recycling Recycling is defined as the process of the collecting and the processing of materials (materials that on many occasions thrown away) ,and then shaving them into fresh commodities and turning them into new products. Recycling is important to the world today due to new technologies and new products constantly being devised. Without recycling Earth would plausibly end up as a planet of waste , a scenario depicted in the Disney Pixar movie ,Wall-E. So in all the questions being evaluated digress from “What occurs after they put that plastic bottle into the recycle bin?” to “To what extent is does recycling actually decrease the carbon footprint.” Hence is recycling salutary for the environment? Introduction to Plastic The rattling commencement of plastic was appointed by Aleksander Parkes He presented a material called Parkesine ,which was both named after him and an non- synthetic material derived from cellulose ,which when heated could be molded and wrought, and after cooling the substance sustain the shape it was primitively wrought into. As time advanced plastic had become more in demand and is now one of the most common materials of our time. In terms of quantity us humans are using twenty times more plastic today than fifty years ago. The recycling process of plastic begins at the recycling department wherever it may be located. The plastics are categorized according to plastic type. Plastic is then separated by color, the plastic is sterilized then crushed and chopped into plastic flakes. The plastic flakes are then melted and stirred. As a result of the stirring and melting a thick liquid is produced. This thick liquid is processed and spun into fiber strands that could be used for making fleec... ... middle of paper ... ... every item you recycle or reuse, you help reduce greenhouse gases and protect the climate. Conclusion: In conclusion to this investigation one thing is clear and that is that recycling reeks benefits to the environment, Recycling material when compared to making material from raw material is a more efficient energy saving and more environmentally friendly way to reuse material that is usually consider as trash such as empty glass, and plastic bottles, or old newspapers. Recycling helps reduce the possible carbon emissions greatly and does reduce the human carbon footprint. But Recycling doesn’t resolve the pollution that is around the world today. Leading to new questions, questions like what about the landfills are they sustainable, and if so for how long. How long until the air becomes unbreathable? How long until Earth becomes its own furnace?

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