Essay on The Risk of CO2 Emissions

Essay on The Risk of CO2 Emissions

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As humanity is faced with numerous natural disasters resulting from
its reckless overuse of resources, going green and being eco-friendly are the most recent precautions everybody seems to be taking in order to save the planet. Rising levels of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere have been a major concern for everyone, including ecologists and scientists. Ever since the Industrial revolution in the middle 1700’s when people first started burning fossil fuel, the air has been continuously polluted to the point where now the situation is almost inevitable. The emissions have been recognized as most serious from the biggest polluters-the multinational corporations and they have taken appropriate measure for reducing the released CO2 gas as much as possible.
Using particular case studies I am going to list factors and ideas of companies that have prevented CO2 emissions using eco-technology. As a lot of companies have started conforming with the occurring climate changes, a priority for most of them has become the need to reduce emissions and provide future for themselves rather than centralize on lowering their costs as much as possible, as I has been until now. I have chosen to research three companies, differentiating in their fields of work. I will be observing through the case studies how ones projects each year can affect the CO2 emissions and do the companies actually take in consideration avoiding to the greatest harming the environment and being positively sure that they are co-operating in lowering the levels of pollution in the atmosphere.
The first company I will be investigating is ‘Nike’ which in 2011 was number five on the rank list of the top six companies that exhibited year – on – year revenue growth as well as ...

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...he other two companies I have written about in my essay, ‘Apple’ demonstrates tremendous results in their aim of minimizing their impact on the environment, which we all should be grateful about (, 2013).

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