Analysis Of Nike's Brand Equity

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Brand Equity

Nike is a very large brand, due to its size its target consumer is usually very broad. The brand motto is “Just Do It” which is meant to target ordinary people, showing that anyone can be an athlete and encourage health. This links it back to the Health Conscious City Dwellers as some of them do not necessarily exercise regularly but the NikeFuel bracelet makes exercise a part of the consumer’s everyday activities. Nike is usually associated with achievers, they endorse elite athletes in order to reinforce this ideal but also utilize the idea that it is possible for anyone to achieve greatness with the right amount of work. The NikeFuel’s slogan is “Motivation on your wrist”, sticking with Nike’s ideals of always encouraging …show more content…

Nike’s positioning in the market has more of a mass appeal compared to their main competitor Adidas who strive to make products for elite athletes. The positioning strategy for Nike is currently working at a satisfactory level as Nikes global annual sales between 2013-2014 was reported as 27.8 billion (Statista, 2014) compared to Adidas’ 19.95 billion (Statista, 2014). The global market for sports apparel is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4% between 2012-2019, Nikes compound annual growth rate during 2010-2012 was 12.3% which is an excellent result as the brand’s growth was larger than the market as well as outgrowing Nike’s closest competitors Adidas, Puma and Asics (Forbes, …show more content…

They attempt to choose athletes who they want to reflect their brand, they are achievers, winner, determined and accomplishment orientated, which is what they also encourage their consumer to be. Another important source for brand equity from Nike is the high perceived quality of their products not only by athletes but the public as well. Although most consumers won’t be using their Nike products for high level athletic performance, Nike products are always designed to be able to be used with that

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