Negative Effects of Global Warming on Earth

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Introductory Paragraph

Imagine longer summers, shorter winters, with no spring or fall in between. Well you don't have too, because it's happening right now. It will only take one more degree for spring and fall to be gone forever. This decade has been the warmest since 1880. Scientist say that the earth could be warmer by an additional 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit by the 21st century if we don’t reduce usage of burning fossil fuels. Climate change also adds additional risks to our food supplies scientists say they are already seeing the harmful effects in some regions. Polar ice melting would become another major affect of global warming if it isn’t stopped which could cause problems for many lives on Earth not just human beings.

Thesis Statement
Global warming is a negative affect on Earth what it affects; are animals to become extinct including polar bears also many other animals, diseases to spread in areas never been/seen before, and sea level rising which could cause problems for living societies, and forest fires to its environment and population. One degree in Earth’s temperature across its entire surface means huge changes in climatic extremes.
We as people and as humans living on Earth got to conserve the planet we live on and protect it. One-way we survive and a way of living as humans is we intake and feed off from animals. Animals reflect the way we live, an animal like the sea turtle is losing its habitat; such as the coral reefs and seagrass beds due to climate changes. The chief threat to polar bears is the lose of its sea ice habitat due to global warming. Affects of global warming on polar bears are polar bear population sizes are decreasing, sea ice platforms are separating quickly farther apart and the s...

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