The Persuasive Essay On Global Climate Change

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Global climate change and its apparent effects have been the subject of much discussion for a number of years. It is often claimed that this change is too advanced and the damage caused by it is irreversible, meaning that any efforts by us to undo this are in vain. Although I agree that our planet has become unalterably changed, I don’t entirely concur that this change is now completely beyond repair. The argument to support the fact that global weather patterns have changed, draws its evidence from a number of sources and documented events, and by observation of what is happening in the environment. The increase in carbon emissions from industry, transportation and farming practices is widely accepted as being responsible for the greenhouse…show more content…
There are a number of measures that have already been shown to have a positive effect on the environment and, if we redouble our efforts, could help to reverse the situation. I believe that, while it is true that there is a lot of negative news to this situation, there are many positive and effective actions that can be taken to restore a lot of what we have lost, or are in danger of losing. Consequently, a number of feasible measures can be implemented which will go a long way in slowing, stopping and, over time, reversing some of the harm caused. Initially, and perhaps the most important, is that we need to tackle the problem of carbons in our atmosphere. Consequently, if CO2 emissions are cut or drastically reduced, this will in turn help to reduce the level of greenhouse gases meaning that further global warming will diminish. (Climate Change Evidence and causes, 2013:33) This can be done in a number of ways. By continuing to develop new, greener technologies, cars and traffic in general will become cleaner, emitting fewer exhaust fumes and releasing less carbon into the air. This is already being done. At the recent UN climate-change conference in Doha, some 37 countries agreed to abide by legally-binding emission reduction measures. (Figureres C, 2012) We have seen the development of more efficient engines and hybrid models that use both petrol and electricity. Electric-only vehicles are also becoming more popular and new designs that are powered by solar energy are coming onto the market. Industry is also looking at ways to harness bio-mass and the possibility of hydrogen engines. These measures have already had a noticeable effect on the quality of life in a number of

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