The Rights Of Canada Should Be United And Treated Fairly Essay

The Rights Of Canada Should Be United And Treated Fairly Essay

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History Culminating

The speech that Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier delivered in 1904 made a bold statement in which he stated all Citizens of Canada should be united and treated fairly, Although there has been many times in which Canada had made poor judgements I still think Canada has improved, therefore Canada is still an improving country and is bound to mistakes. Certain issues and events that helped Canada become what it is today are as such, women 's rights, and U.S investment in 1914-1929, Growing independence and Japanese internment in 1929-1945, Charter Rights of Freedoms and Quebec separation in 1945-1982, Health care crisis and aboriginal rights during 1982 until now.

In 1914-1929 Canada had experienced many critical events in Canadian history, One of the major change that had occurred in this time period was the rights of women. Women suffered equality and were not treated like men, women were marked as property of the father or husband.

Women could not legally own anything, including property after marriage, all income that was made was to go to the husband. These are only a couple of examples on how men were given more rights and freedoms than women. Post World War 1 women showed outstanding performances by overcoming men 's jobs in factories and other workplaces during the war, this lead to the notice of their full potential and were soon given recognition for their work. Canada became aware of the issues women were facing, so they were given property rights, increased educational access and were now given the status of “Persons” due to the famous five. This was a starting point in Canada 's transformation into an unified nation.

The United State investment played a big part in Canada 's economy...

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... on this land, their beliefs consisted of sustaining wildlife, land and food. Natives also contributed to Canada in many occasions the most noticeable one being the World Wars. From 1982 to now Natives are still looked down upon, they survive and live on small reserve and still get treated unfairly. Natives still fought for Canada and continue to do so, they helped in many cases as well, one of them being the separation of quebec in which they disagreed to be parted from rest of Canada showing that they still want to be a part of Canada even though they have been treated poorly. Natives are slowly to this day fighting for their rights as citizens of this Country.

In conclusion Canada has made great progress towards a united country but also showed times where they struggled to do so, Canada is on a slow incline to becoming a fair and equal country in the future.

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