Review Of ' Mikayla Munn ' Essay examples

Review Of ' Mikayla Munn ' Essay examples

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Mikayla Munn is a twenty-one year old junior at Manchester University. She attended preschool at Rice Preschool in Elkhart Indiana. Her parents Pamela and David Munn enrolled her at Riverview Elementary where she completed her sixth grade. Mikayla attended secondary education at Pierre Moran Middle School and Elkhart Central High School. Her parent’s both attended college, her mother received an Associate’s degree in Business and her father received an Associate’s in Child Psychology. Her older sister, Jessica, also attended college and graduated in 2013 with a bachelor degree in Anthropology. Mikayla is classified as the lower middle economic class and her parents are separated but living in the same house.
Struggling with reading came early on in Mikayla’s academic years. Her family was definitely an early influence in her reading ability. Her parents and grandparents were very involved in Mikayla’s reading development. Her father on his off nights would read bedtime stories to her and her sister until about third grade. After third grade, she was expected to read at least thirty minutes before bed every night. She also joined in on Grandpa’s morning rituals of reading the paper, she would read the funnies. According to Jongsu Wee, we learn our reading habits because it is embedded in our everyday life (Jongsu, 2009). Pamela, Mikayla’s mother, said that often Mikayla was very talkative about the books her parents would read to her. She was so excited about reading the next one that often times her mother would stop in the middle of reading to leave her in suspense. Her grandfather, Carl, was also a great influence in her reading. When she would stay at her grandparents’ house, Carl would often read her the funnies or a story in...

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In conclusion, Mikayla may not be where she thinks she should be in her reading, but she accepts that reading is not her strong suit. However, instead of giving up, Mikayla attempts with her best effort. She double checks her clarity with questions and is not afraid to highlight the text or take additional notes. Mikayla does not let her disabilities define her but rather plays them up as a strength. She also does not let the comment of her twelve grade English teacher define her as well. Mikayla has improved her reading skills based on her own and her parent’s assessments. She admits she is extremely lucky to have overly involved parents and sibling who have guided her in becoming a better reader. With graduation coming up, Mikayla understands the struggles of a reader but, she will do her best to help her students succeed just like others have helped her.

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