Becoming a Better Reader

Reading is believed by some academia to be the most important activity that a student could do to go ahead in academic pursuit. Some research claimed that many people take reading for granted in their developmental stage. Due to this fact, few learners cannot read properly because they claim they do not enjoy reading. In my observation, not only is effective reading important but to read with comprehension (recall of read text) and for pleasure. The constant engagement with reading for pleasure might sensitize the desire to read.

Controlled studies for people with specific learning disabilities recommend SQ4R reading strategy to support people to learn how to read. SQ4R could be considered as a versatile literacy strategy that engrosses students in the processing of information prior to reading, during reading and after reading. It could be used in all subject areas that consider content materials critically. This applies to all types of texts and cut across all sources of information. SQ4R might lead to flexible reading pattern. Flexibility in reading is extremely very important. It is crucial to examine flexible reading as, reading different types of materials. Materials like articles, novel, periodic, journals, and newspapers could build different strategies and approach that would be adapted to different reading styles. SQ4R method is accepted to have the propensity to improve comprehension and academic grades. It could also help student’s make meaning from text in the following ways. Using the SQ4R strategies prior to reading – will helps to preview texts and establish the reading purpose. The more refine the purpose of investigation is the better the depth of research. SQ4R strategies while reading – help to monitor and ...

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...lay the importance of SQ4R. They may either use it unconsciously and claimed they don’t use it. The good thing about the SQ4R reading method is that it gives a better understanding of academic material. It also helps to improve memory. A student is properly geared to focus on the specific area of research by using the Q-question strategy. The R which stand for reflect/relate helps to bridge the gap of old and new information in the memory. A student will always have an accurate fact and current in line with the given area of reasoning. In the end reading will encourage students to read material for both academic reason and for pleasure.


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