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Review : ' A List Apart ' Essays

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Ethan Marcotte in his article for ‘A List Apart’ (2010) defined ‘responsive web design’ as a technique used to optimize web sites to work across a wide range of different devices. Responsive Web Design (RWD) responds to the user’s needs and theirs devices. In practice, based on capabilities and size of user’s device, the web site layout changes. The three basic ingredients for RWD are: flexible content (e.g. text, images, video), fluid grids and CSS3 media queries .
Through the responsive web design, web developers are able to provide users of a web site with a better experience regardless of a screen size used, devices or a browser . Responsive Web Design relays on relative units (e.g. percentages) rather than fixed units (e.g. pixels). This means that the widths of the sections of a web site are created to be a percentage of the viewport .
Two of the important concepts in RWD are: the viewport and the breakpoints. Web sites optimized for a wide range of devices must include:

element in the head section of the page. This tag gives the browser directives which are applied to web page scaling and dimensions . The meta viewport width=device-width value instructs the web page to match the width of screen in device-independent pixels. The initial-scale=1 value establishes relationship between device-independent pixels and CSS pixels to 1:1.
A breakpoint in RWD is the point (width) at which the web page changes the layout of that page based on the media queries declaration . There are web sites that have triggered two different layouts at a single breakpoint. Commonly a responsive sites are designed to work with at least three distinct breakpoints targeted at typical desktop, tablet and phone widths. The number of a breakpoints depe...

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... different RWD frameworks. Every web site is different and therefore requires different characteristics.
Choosing a responsive framework for an e-commerce web site depend on many factors e.g. speed of installation, additional options, ease of understanding and long-term support. Among all the CSS frameworks, Bootstrap seems to be most suitable for the following project. In the Visual Studio, Bootstrap is simple to install and running. Bootstrap framework provides base styling for almost all HTML elements and contains extensive list of extra components such as dropdowns, buttons, labels and more. Bootstrap’s files are also provided in Less pre-processors which makes the web site easy to customize.
Some projects lack continuity in time and then support services and updates stop. Bootstrap framework is most widely used and therefore offers continued support warranty.

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