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Now is the technology era for in the world, many people live with technologies in their daily life. In general, technology meant knowledge of tools improve a pre-existing solution to a problem. There were so many habits of using technologies, like using computer to do documentation works, using social network to chat with friend in other country, until now using mobile devices to view web sites. Growth in mobile devices and smartphones had eased many people access Web pages. Normally, we use the computer or desktop to open a browser and visit to some websites. The content of websites is same when you use personal computer and desktop to visits it, caused by the size of screen is almost same. To build a more user friendly website that allow user to view the exactly same content of the Web pages regardless of the device’s screen size, a web pages with responsive web design is introduced. Responsive web design is ways to design web pages that work consistently across different screen size, platform, and user interface by using the same codebase (Pilon, 2013). The issues we always focus is the elements, pros, and cons. Hence, this report will discuss about the main components, advantages, and disadvantages of responsive web design.


There are three main component of responsive web design which are fluid grid, fluid image, and CSS media queries (Thebeebs. 2012).

i) Fluid Grid Layout

In responsive web design, fluid grid layout was used to enable the content of the site to be flexible. In other words, it allows the content to flow in any size (Nimesh, n.d.)

There are some rules for complete a fluid layout (Weakly, 2003).

1) Draft a layout grid before start coding.

2) Include gutters to avoid col...

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