Revelation Of The True Existence Of God Essay

Revelation Of The True Existence Of God Essay

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Revelation is the attribute of the divine knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, the God of the universe. Thus, shaping the true existence of the Lord, has had many who has debated on His existences. But, nevertheless, God is who He say He is (Exodus 3:14), there is special revelation found in non-traditional Christian teachings. Although, some scholars has their different viewpoints on general and special revelation. Whereas there are many forms of revelation that has been discovered in the Religion and Philosophy of theology studies. Such as, general and special revelation, which has come to a discussion of how it can become a part of the world religions and how it can become influenced by the general revelation. In this paper I will discuss these issues of revelation. Jesus is the “way and the truth and the life” in light of the claims made by non-Christian religions traditions. Therefore, after the collapse of the Christendom we find ourselves in a situation not unlike the beginning of Christianity itself. The issue is Christology, the history of Christianity is strewn with the debris of false answers to Jesus’ question (Braaten, 2004). The exclusive claim of the gospel is that Jesus is the “one and only” way, truth and life is intrinsic to the Christian belief in God (Braaten, 2004). During the early days the Greeks and the disobedient Jews were drawn to their own beliefs by leaving out some of the laws of God. That is if they confess to be a Christian but they fail to obey God’s commandment in the fullness. Therefore, man will depict Jesus not as a son of God. Just as the Samarians and Pharisees and some of the Jews, yet, He is the Son of the one and only God, who is the Savior from sin, death and the devil,...

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...ical interaction with humankind (Novak, 2004). Rosenzweig, believe that special revelation is to love out of the experience of God’s covenantal love that manifest itself (McGrath, 2011). God has divine powers to reach all religions for human greatness. However, Christianity in terms of sheer discontinuity, this tells that Christianity is the true ways of salvation and all other religions is false. Thus, sheer continuity has no basic different, nevertheless there is a distinction between two different and contrasting ways of God working in the world (Braaten, 2004). Therefore God reveals Himself in all religion whereas the way people adapt to its own cognitive knowledge of something or someone. General revelation refers to how humankind view their worldview within their religion by believing in some idol gods/Baal or some divine power of existence of human form.

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