St Thomas's Five Proofs

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Despite the logic that creates these proofs, there are still some individuals who refuse to concede that there is a God. These individuals believe that modern science can disprove the five proofs. They hide behind their meager facts, stating that these proofs no longer hold true since they were not created with present technology and advances in mind. What they fail to understand though, is that the facts do not rely on science as much as they rely on logic and observations of the world.
Three of St. Thomas’s arguments - one, two, and five - are established on the observation of the natural world. Arguments three and four are established on rational speculation. All of the arguments, except for the third, theorize that only the existence of God can provide a sufficient explanation for the refutes presented. In argument three, he concludes that God must necessarily exist for his own sake. Thus, arguments one, two, four and five conclude that God exists because the world requires him as an explanation. Meanwhile, argument three concludes that God could not not exist. Yet, still some individuals insist that the proofs are wrong.
The first proof, The Way of Motion, is about how things change in the world and how things are put into motion. Since you cannot infinitely regress backwards, there must be a first unmoved mover. This is understood to be God.
One of the arguments against this is: why does God have to be the first mover? The reason is that God is just the first being – logically there has to be a first. If there were no first mover then it would have been impossible to start motion. God is not a ‘specific’ mover, the title of God simple belongs to the being that is the first mover. Going off this argument, another questi...

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...than it is about God. It ruins the flow that St. Thomas previously establishes. The proof talks about goodness, truth, and nobility, which on there own are not proofs that God exists; they are morals. It forms a type of standard for morality, or for individuals to be aware of it, should they ever want to speak meaningfully about weather or not things or beings are good, bad, truthful, noble, or not.
Modern science can explain many things. However, one of the things is yet to prove and will most likely never prove, is: why was everything was created? This is where God steps in. He is the only one who could have created the universe. Thus it can be concluded that the world could not have been created by chance. It is extremely complex and ordered, so much so, that it but must be the product of intelligent design. This is God.

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