General Revelation Vs Special Revelation

Revelation is the process by which God makes himself known to us. Being that humans are finite and God is infinite, God must take the step to make himself known if humans are to truly understand God in all His majesty (Vandenburg, 2010). There are two ways God makes himself known to us, general revelation and special revelation. Theologians have generally thought, through our contact with nature, we are given the ability to know and interact with God. Nature, as created by God, is an element of general revelation.
Even without God reaching out specifically for us, nature and the world around us can prove to show man God’s ultimate power and authority. God created humans as the superior being on earth, therefore we have the ability to critically
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Special Revelation
General revelation is different than special revelation. General revelation is available to everyone, anywhere in the world and can be seen as God revealing himself in the world around us. In contrast, special revelation includes miracles, prophets, and special messages received from God. Special revelation show God’s revelation of himself through the Bible and Jesus Christ. The true and accurate record of special revelation is found in the Bible. The greatest special revelation is found in Jesus Christ as God who took on flesh and came to earth and ultimately suffered and died for us.
Although general revelation is important in the identifying and understanding God’s power, it alone is not sufficient for salvation. Salvation can only be found through acceptance of the son, Jesus Christ, which is the special revelation. General revelation can bring someone to God, although it is special revelation which brings someone the saving grace found through Jesus. Curtis (2011) states that while general revelation is a necesary supplement to special revelation, it always requires a basis of special revelation in order to come to a more complete understanding. Apart, these two types of revelation are important, together they are
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In order to make sense of these inherently opposite features, we must seek a higher authority and focus on God’s beauty, mercy, love, and grace. Our God, who is the creator of the world, has a plan for us all and intends for us to seek out His will. When we look around us and see that God created and feeds the sparrow just as he created and feeds us, we can begin to understand God’s will and His purpose for us. The entire enormity of this world and what God created becomes clearer. God seeks a relationship with us. There are times when reading the Bible, a passage or verse may seem too confusing or unrelatable in our current situation, although a God who created nature and everything in it always reveals the truth in His time for His plan for
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