Comparing Revelation In The Role Of Scripture

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Comparing Revelation in the role of scripture as portrayed in Dei Filius and Dei Verbum

Randy Nguyen Introduction to Theology Father Michael Bruno 12/15/17

Nguyen 1 Revelation has always been linked with God and his people. God is the one that made his will known to us. Through
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However from this you see that revelation is all united in harmony.
The Dei Verbum reveals that revelation as the self-disclosure of the trinity. The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit show that there is faith and love. Faith and love is important in revelation. God was prominent from the divine mystery, spoke with human beings, and made them commit their lives with obedience to the life of faith. However we are graced with the word of god, and the Dei Verbum tells us how his word has come to reach us and how we are supposed to live by his words. Revelation can be best defined as the communication of some truth by God.
Revelation is understood as the person of Jesus, and the second person of the Holy Trinity. He was incarnated for eternal life to live with the Father in the Holy Spirit. This allows us to be encountered by God, and allows us to know more about him than we did before. Christ being crucified and risen is the main focus of the Sacred Scriptures. To appreciate what the Dei Verbum taught us about the past and the present nature of revelation from blessed John Paul
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Revelation continues to be passed on to us by the apostles, through the unwritten Nguyen 3 form known as tradition. Sacred scripture also passes Revelation onto us. It can be best described as the “speech of God”, that is written under the process of the Holy Spirit. The apostles did the process of sacred scripture in three different ways, through preaching, the examples they gave, and by the institutions that were created. Through the Scared Tradition and Sacred Scripture, revelation is transmitted to the Church. That is why revelation is also linked with Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture, and the Magisterium. Our obedience and faith should be our only response to revelation. Through this faith we give ourselves to God, so that we can have a strong relationship with him. He was the one who first gave himself and loves us. We must do the same to him, but by the grace of God and through the Holy
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