Research Is An Important Part Of Higher Education Essay

Research Is An Important Part Of Higher Education Essay

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Research is an important part of higher education. Through the collection of accurate and objective data researchers can gather information and draw conclusions based upon the data. As defined by Richardson and American Educational Research Association, the most elementary meaning of quantitative-qualitative distinction is the association with data (Richardson & American Educational Research Association, 2001, p. 201). The second key component of research is the identification of research participants, which are critical to the science and practice of psychology, for generalizing findings, making comparisons and using evidence in research syntheses and secondary data analyses (American Psychological Association, 2010, p. 29). Research occurs in many different forms and can be divided in two different types of research methods, quantitative and qualitative.
According to Gay, Mills, and Airasian (2009), qualitative research tends to be interpretive by understanding the research context and participants. Whereas, quantitative research is non-interactive as researchers frequently use paper-and pencil to collect data (p.7). Quantitative and qualitative approaches are strongly associated with objectivity (quantitative) and subjectivity (qualitative). Qualitative research is harder, more stressful and more time-consuming than quantitative. In addition Tomal (2010), explains quantitative research is very objective as the researcher is detached from the participants and qualitative researchers on the other hand are much more personally involved with the participants (Tomal, 2010, p.3). The four most popular types of quantitative research are: experimental, causal comparative, correlational, and descriptive and the four types of qualitativ...

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...t’s difficult to apply the specific findings from a select group of individuals to the real world population since the results are so particular. It is also difficult to replicate qualitative research due to the lack of control in the situations and conditions in which the subjects were observed. A few examples of qualitative research might be, what is the Hispanic student culture in an urban community or why do teenagers text and drive?
In conclusion Kirsch, Sullivan, and NetLibrary, Inc. (1992), reiterated how quantitative and qualitative research allows researchers to study participants through open-ended interviews and case studies to gather data from the view points and language of the participants. To further clarify the data they go on to say by observing participant’s, researchers are able to analyze the subject both as the researcher and author (p. 57).

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