Essay on Racial Profiling : Ineffective Strategy

Essay on Racial Profiling : Ineffective Strategy

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Racial Profiling: Ineffective Strategy in the War Against Terrorism.
Racial profiling has been part of our social and political history for decades. However, it is undeniable that the events of September 11, 2001 marked a before and after for racial profiling. Before the 9/11 attack, law enforcement mainly targeted Blacks and Hispanics over the assumption that they are more likely to be involved in crime. Since the terrorist’s attacks, the scrutiny in airports shifted toward Muslims, Middle Eastern and Arabs. Racial profiling has always led to heated debates, but in general there is a consensus that it is an abominable tactic that must stop, still, if the argument is about profiling in airports, the public opinion is divided. It seems that many are willing to sacrifice their convictions and civil rights for a sense of safety in this war against terrorism.
This research paper focuses on the ineffectiveness of racial profiling in airports by answering the following questions:
1. Is racial profiling the solution to terrorist attacks?
2. Is behavioral profiling a more effective approach?
There is a need to raise awareness about the discriminatory practice of profiling in airports. People need to understand that terrorism doesn’t believe in stereotypes. Racial profiling in airports should be prohibited because it is an ineffective strategy against terrorism and a violation of our civil rights.
Is racial profiling the solution to terrorist attacks?
The first mistake is to assume that nowadays there is an association between ethnicity and terrorist attacks. It is undeniable that the 9/11 hijackers set a precedent that has led to current airport screenings procedures, but it is also evident that this stereotypes are doing more harm t...

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... he didn 't have any understanding of with 68 $100 bills. They pressed their employer to call the FBI. And the rest is history”.
The reality is that it is not possible to identify if someone is an extremist or not by the color of their skin. It is ineffective and a discriminatory government practice. It is more comprehensive, and effective to consider people’s behavior, countries they travel, people they associate with or their response to questions, to determine if there is a need to take a closer look at them. It is inexcusable to continue to allow ourselves to be governed by our fears rather than our values. How can we relentlessly fight against racial discrimination in our streets, but silently allow discrimination in airports by our government? The fight against terrorism must continue but never at the expense of civil liberties of millions of innocent people.

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