Racial Profiiling In The Counterpoint: The Case Against Profiling

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As a young black woman, I can’t help but to be drawn in by the black man’s story. African-Americans who started off as property, then promoted to second class citizens and finally equals but maybe not the same, have a long standing history somewhat separate from the rest of America. Forced to be a part of a country where they were only desired when they were merely dollar signs driving the south’s economy, and soon just considered a nuisance rather not dealt with, blacks have faced many tribulations. Oppressed for many years, blacks have come a long way. That being said the race dilemma in America still lingers. Today every citizen is entitled to the same rights and pursuit of happiness but it would be naïve to say that difference don’t exists …show more content…

The justice system is in place in America to protect its citizens, however in the case of blacks and some other minorities there are some practices that promote unfairness or wrongful doing towards these groups. Racial profiling is amongst these practices. In cases such as drug trafficking and other criminal acts, minorities have been picked out as the main culprits based off of skin color. In the article “Counterpoint: The Case Against Profiling” it recognizes racial profiling as a problem in America and states, “[In order to maintain national security] law-enforcement officers have detained members of minority groups in vehicles more than whites”…. “these officers assume that minorities commit more drug offenses, which is not the case” (Fauchon). In relationship to law enforcement there has also been many cases of police brutality leaving young blacks brutally injured, and even dead in recent years, cases such as Michael Brown, Dontre Hamilton, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Freddy Gray just to name a few. Many of these young men were unarmed, and the police involved had no good justification for such excess force. They were seen as threats primarily because of their skin color. Despite the fact this nation is trying to attain security, inversely they are weakening bonds between many of its

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