Racial Profiling Thesis Statement

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Thesis Statement Racial profiling does indeed exist in America. This practice is especially damaging to African Americans, who are frequently shamed by society as criminals, drug addicts, or welfare abusers. This societal flaw is evidenced by recent injustices to both Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin. Years of abuse of power have brought this issue blazing to the forefront of hot topics in America. Does Racial Profiling Exist? Racial profiling in America, as evidenced by recent events, has reached a critical breaking point. No longer can an African American, male or female, walk into a store, school, or any public place without fear of being stereotyped as a person of suspicion. Society constantly portrays the African American…show more content…
They were of course stopped and police, assuming they were drug dealers, used a narcotics-trained police dog to search the car. The young men were then taken to jail and held until police were convinced that their car was clean of any contraband. To justify their ill treatment of the young men police issued a “warning” stating that the windshield was obstructed (because of a piece of string that was hanging down from the rearview mirror). Then, when the young men questioned the officer about the stop, he told them it was because they were black, with a nice car, driving through a high drug trafficking area (Rudovsky, 2001). Russell L. Jones states in his article, A More Perfect Nation: Ending Racial Profiling (Jones,…show more content…
Over and over again African Americans are stereotyped errantly, while society tells them that these are not stereotypes, but reality. The Los Angeles riots in 1992 were meant to show that African Americans were tired of being beaten, but only served to show African Americans what little value they were to this country. In fact, ideologies and prevailing family attitudes seem to have had a resurgence, and African American are once again being referred to as animals. Given these constant oppressions it is only a matter of time before African Americans once again get tired of being singled out and harassed. America should be careful how they treat a race that has given so much to this nation. Racial Profiling has no place in a modern

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