Racial Profiling

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There has always been racial profiling in our history. The problem here is that at some point the ones who are oppressed and discriminated sooner o later will claim why they are treated unequally. There are many examples around the world, but one only has to take a look at how the American society has been designed to realize the great difference between individuals. It was even normal and acceptable to see these differences during the creation of this nation because the ones who supposedly had the power and knowledge of conquering made sure to create a huge division between leaders and subordinates. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, Racial Profiling refers to the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual's race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, social economic class, sexual orientation, and so on. (American Civil Liberties Union) It is to say that authorities in charge of providing security and justice have taken this power to an extent in which discriminate people, especially the ones who are in disempowered groups. This kind of social issue is more evident when episodes with violence are trending topics. For example, during and after the September 11th’s attack in New York, many Arabs, Muslims, and South Asians, were subject to revisions and detentions because authorities had no clue about how those mentioned attacks were perpetrated and who did them. It was not just a matter concerning authorities, society in general condemned hardly to the entire eastern community, even though many of that people stopped, detained, and questioned, did not have any linkage with this terrorist event. As well, in recent years the... ... middle of paper ... ...e people to maintain an equal ideology, there are people who believe that stereotypes in minorities are generalized and that if some people do an illicit activity, therefore the rest should probably do it too. This is a horrible mistake that should be eradicated not only in our nation, but in the whole world. Works Cited -American Civil Liberties Union. Racial Profiling: Definition. 1 December 2013. 1 December 2013 . -National Archive. "Bill of Rights." 2013. The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. 1 December 2013 . -The Leadership Conference. What Is Racial Profiling? 2013. 1 December 2013 .

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