Questions On Fundamental Facts Of The Case Study Essay

Questions On Fundamental Facts Of The Case Study Essay

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Many researchers, books, and articles have disclosed their opinions concerning to study methods. Following the prejudice of different persons, this paper will inform the reader about fundamental facts of the case study. The purpose is to dismantle any wrong idea stated through the years, and permit the researchers to freely do this method, which is convenient for some specific situations as following the next paragraphs.
Facts About the Case Study
Definition of the Case Study
A case study is the report of a set of data obtained from working with a person or group of people. (APA, 2010) Also, a case study illustrates the specific reasons of a problem and how to resolve it. According to the Publication Manual of APA, “In writing case studies the authors carefully consider the balance between providing important illustrative material and using confidential case material responsibly” (p. 11, 2010) In addition, the authors should meticulously describe the case without expose private data. This approach allows researchers to find, through an observational process, how people react before different independent variables, what cause the problem, and the solution, depending on what is the research’s concerns.
Reasons for Using a Case Study Approach
One of the reasons that researchers should use the case study is when trying to find specific motives that provoke something. Nonetheless, through the time, many researchers have built a misled perception of it. According to “Five Misunderstanding About Case-Study Research”:
This description is indicative of the conventional wisdom of case-study research, which if not directly wrong, is so oversimplified as to be grossly misleading. It is correct that the case stu...

... middle of paper ...

...mental to have reliability and validity in order to obtain accurate data
Ways to Acquire Data for a Case Study
According to Donna M. Zucker, in her article “How to Do Case Study Research”, “Case studies of individuals in health care research (to take one example) often involve in-depth interviews with participants and key informants, review of the medical records, observation, and excerpts from patients’ personal writings and diaries. “(2009) Researchers can acquire the data from treating personally with the participants in the study. Through observations the researcher can bring to the study some conclusions; however, case study focuses more on the qualitative way to acquire the necessary information. For some cases it would be necessary to treat personally with the participants to have an idea of their background and have valid results as it was mentioned before.

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