Hartland Memorial Hospital Case

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Purpose The purpose of this case study is to investigate and bring new insight to situations and behaviors within an organization. Case studies are learning tools which utilize social science research to identify and resolve individual and organizational challenges (K. Mariama-Arthur Esq., 2015).
Hartland Memorial Hospital, located in Westfield was established eighty-five years ago. The hospital is accredited for a full range of medical and surgical services. Elizabeth Parsons is the vice president for Nursing Services at Hartland Memorial Hospital. Within her seventeen months of employment, she was instrumental in finding innovative ways to create a self-scheduling system, a compressed work week, and a performance appraisal system …show more content…

Engaging employees and families in healthy work programs, regular check-ups and illness prevention strategies are smart investments.
Regular nursing staff replaced by outside nurses – outside nursing staff make up the required numbers for Hartland Memorial Hospital.
Nursing supervisors may need to take on patient care – nursing supervisors can use this time to evaluate the nursing team and the outside nurses for possible recruitment to Hartland Memorial Hospital.
Outside nurses can have negative impact on patient outcome due to unfamiliarity of unit culture and Hartland Memorial Hospital vision – regular nursing staff can mentor outside nurses giving them the confidence to provide safe and optimal patient care.
Poor Communication between Physician and Nursing – To optimize nurse-physician communication both need to apply patient centered cultural change; in particular, to use structured communication tools such as Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation (SBAR), and supportive technology that is system wide, for example electronic medical record (EMR). (B. Schmidt, 2012).

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