Prostitution Should Be Legal For Society Essay example

Prostitution Should Be Legal For Society Essay example

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Prostitution is a topic many don’t like to talk about. There are many different opinions and misconceptions about this type of work. First, there are various women who’ve been missing for long periods and police don’t take prostitution cases seriously. Secondly, prostitutes are at risk of violence by their own clients and can face harmful situations. Lastly prostitutes have a significantly high exposure to STDs especially if protection isn’t used. Many may disagree and believe that prostitution may actually be good for society. One may argue that the law takes great respect in prostitution cases especially that many people despise them. Also, one may argue that prostitutes know how to handle themselves when it comes to physical violence. Prostitutes will also have the experience to deal with their clients. Furthermore, one can also dispute that there are many different ways to prevent STDs. The clients and the workers should know the risks of sexual intercourse. Overall prostitution shouldn’t be legal for the wellbeing of prostitutes.

One main reason why prostitution shouldn’t be legal is the lack of law involved in the missing women’s case. Police fail to find missing prostitutes and many of lives have led to death. Robert Pickton murder over 60 missing women .If only the law would take these cases seriously many lives would have been spared. It took them many years to find Pickton and even after this case was closed a lot of families didn’t get a chance to find their missing loved ones. In the CBC news article it states that “Oppal blamed years of inadequate and failed police investigations for allowing Pickton to prey undetected for years on women in the sex trade on Vancouver 's troubled Downtown Eastside”. Still today t...

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...ade workers are infected with HIV”. This shows how having legalized prostitution can really but a toll on their lives. They have such high risk it would just be best for them to now work in this field.

In conclusion prostitution should not be legalized for the wellbeing of prostitutes because of the lack of law enforcement involved in missing prostitute’s cases. The law has put them second before anything and the result of that was many lost lives. Prostitutes also face extreme violence when being with a client and it may be hard for a women to defend herself when being attack, no one should be exposed to any violence while working. Work should be a safe place for everyone. Lastly, prostitutes are at high risk of HIV because of their multiply sexual encounters with many different people. Overall Prostitution should be illegal to protect the lives of many in danger.

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