Prostitution in the United States and the World

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Prostitution has been as issue in many societies around the world for almost all of recorded history. There has been evidence of brothels and prostitution dating far back into human history. Many different societies have different views, ideals, and reservation about the matter. Some cultures around the world view it as a necessary evil for people who need to support themselves and their families. Others view it as morally evil and socially destructive; helping to rot our society from the inside out. Even still there are cultures who don’t view it as evil at all and even a normal part of life. A person’s view on the act is formed largely based on the culture they are living in. Even sub cultures inside of larger one can have different view on the matter, such as religious groups that denounce it, to some groups in the same culture that say it is okay. Even the gauge of how industrialized a country can determine how that culture views prostitution, with many third world countries being more lenient on the matter, and many first world countries being much more strict on the matter, such as the some of the countries in Europe and also the United States.
Although throughout much of the beginnings of our country the act of adultery was rampant, prostitution has always been viewed in a negative light in the United States. The mass adultery even went so far as to quell the act of prostitution due to the fact that they were simply were not needed (Esselstyn 1968). Throughout most of the ninetieth and twentieth centuries prostitution was associated with other socially immoral objects and act, such as the use of drugs, alcohol, and also the act of gambling. While society viewed these as the true threats to society, they view prostitution a...

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