Sociological Perspective On Prostitution

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My social issue is about prostitution in Melbourne, Florida. Prostitution is a global issue. Whether it is considered a serious problem or a minor one that can be ignored, it does exist in every part of the world. According to the legal dictionary online, prostitution is the performing of sexual activities in exchange for payment (The Legal Dictionary). This does not include sexual favors given by a spouse to a spouse. According to the Melbourne Police Department, there were 27 males who were arrested for participating in activities with a prostitute, and 6 females who were arrested for selling sexual favors in 2015. Although these numbers seem small, it does not mean that prostitution is not a problem. Even law enforcement can 't always…show more content…
This perspective states that people behave in certain ways and certain conflicts arise when power and status are not distributed evenly throughout different groups of society ("Conflict Theory," 2016). This sociological perspective was created by Karl Marx, who believed that the oppressed class would eventually act in a way that shows that they are being oppressed. However, his original idea of conflict is now called Marxism. This perspective is applied throughout different issues but mostly it focuses on separation of social classes, mostly between the wealthy and the lower class. When looking through the conflict perspective, one will look at the differences in the social classes; the "observer" will look at how the wealthy keep their power, and why the lower class doesn 't do much to try to change the situation. A conflict theorist studies and observes how the wealthy keep and deny resources to the lower working class and the tension that arises from the lack of support for the less fortunate (Turner,…show more content…
Conflict theory would see arresting a prostitute as taking away even more of her resources; to conflict theory, her only reliable resource was prostitution, which is now unusable by her. When it comes to arresting people who use prostitutes, however, conflict theory would see the punishments as adequate, as it takes away the users power against the prostitute. I would say that a conflict theorist would propose to work with support groups such as Coyote, who work to end prostitution laws and give support (such as counseling) to prostitutes (Coyote LA). A conflict theorist would want to work with any type of group that sees prostitution as a result of oppression and a lack of

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