Essay about Pros And Cons Of Homework

Essay about Pros And Cons Of Homework

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Pros and Cons of Homework
School is infamous for the interaction between students and the dreadful word that is hard to swallow. Easily, the word can be typed. Homework. Homework is the heavy that weights on any kid from kindergarten to a young adult finishing college. There are hundreds of reasons why homework should or should not be assigned. There are teachers who would be on both of those ends. It appears tedious and sometimes has no intention of teaching or learning that needs to be involved. It is another numerical value that measures a human being. It is added to the list of numbers that defines nearly every person who has been evaluated. This list contains age, weight, grade point average, etc. Because of this list, teachers, parents, people who are concerned about the situation examine whether homework is worth the trouble of stress, anxiety, and pressure it puts on students.
An advantage to homework is that it allows teachers and students to interact. With work, an instructor can see where a student struggles and needs extra help. There are instructors who merely watch the student fail because the student is intimidated by this relationship. In other words, this relationship can be good but not entirely. According to Occupy Theory, a website that explores different aspects of situations, claims homework can be good to an extent, “Expecting a child to take home a textbook and learn its contents on their own, without the use of homework assignments, [and] is considered to be a problematic strategy. By assigning homework, a teacher allows the student to work at their own pace and ask questions before and after classes…” (List of Pros and Cons of Homework).
There is enough struggle to enforce children to spend an average ...

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...o much of a part of school than it should be. Homework should not be weighted as heavily as it is. Students should not be able to fail their classes for not completing homework or simply doing it wrong. Students who drop out of high school have many different reasons for doing so. Big reasons are things like broken families or heavy responsibilities other than school, but other than those reasons many students say “an inability to complete homework as a contributing factor to their failure in school,” (Kralovec).
Opinions are appreciated. They give perspective. More can be seen and evaluated through evidence and persuasion. Homework can be good; homework can be bad. It is all about perspective and the evidence that supports each side. Sources discussing homework can only do so much. It is left in the hands of those who are willing to read and evaluate such a topic.

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