The Principles Of Management And Leadership Course Essay example

The Principles Of Management And Leadership Course Essay example

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For the Principles of Management and Leadership course, I completed my service hours at The First Tee of St. Petersburg. The First Tee of St. Petersburg is a development program that focuses on helping children of all backgrounds build character, enhance life values and support education through golf. The objective of the program is to teach its “participants a set of skills that enables them to face challenges at home, school, and at play in a constructive manner” (The First Tee of St. Petersburg, n.d.). As a volunteer my responsibilities included setting up and breaking down golf stations, teaching golf rules and the basic fundamentals of the golf swing to children, tournament assistance, and implementing a safe and positive environment. With the lack of consistent staff members at The First Tee of St. Petersburg, I believe that by volunteering I helped the organization operate more effectively. I think that it is more beneficial for the children to have multiple instructors because they can be broken up into smaller groups which allows each child to receive more individual attention.
In the beginning of my Principles of Management and Leadership course, before I started volunteering for The First Tee of St. Petersburg I had set personal growth goals. My goal for this service learning project was to influence youth with the game of golf. I hoped that I would be able to show them that golf is not just a sport, but it is also a lifestyle- one that can benefit you in more ways than one. I hoped that I would be able to teach kids the core values that come from golf. Most of all I wanted to improve some of my leadership skills and gain new ones.
One of my first experiences volunteering was helping run a middle school golf tournament...

... middle of paper ...

...nger I was with The First Tee of St. Petersburg and the more responsibilities I was given, and I was under less supervision. In order to make sure that the program was following through on its objective I had to step up and keep the kids in line.
From this service learning project I believe that I made good progress towards my personal growth goals, as well as developing and improving leadership skills. I believe that I was able to make an impact on the kids of The First Tee of St. Petersburg as a role model. One of the biggest lessons I think that I taught the kids in the program was maintaining respect for one another and being honest in times of competition. I would like to think that if I were to continue to volunteer with this organization that I would be able to work my way up, taking on more responsibilities which would help me become an even stronger leader.

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