My Type Personality Essay

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My type personality unraveled
My personality profile is Introversion-iNtuition-Feeling-Judging. The Jungen test confirms that I have a strong preference of Introversion over Extraversion (100%), a marginal or no Intuition over Sensing (3%), a slight preference of Feeling over Thinking (9%), and a moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving
In business and school, this means that I am an Introvert with a lifestyle that balances both intuition and
Sensing, Feeling and Judging rather than thinking and perception respectively. Using the MBTI test can be a valuable way towards the development of the person’s ability in how to manage relationships with others. My MBTI test, I took last week, described my preference for my way of thinking
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The link where I took the Jungen test to confirm my MBTI preference, and the
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator helped me further my knowledge to understand EI and why acquiring knowledge in this field will help me a lot in being aware of my personality type and my emotions.
How I would handle the situations now and why?
With the knowledge, I acquired up until now, I think I am more able to handle the situations in a way which will help avoid the psychological torture I felt then. Knowing about such a thing which is called emotional Intelligence (EI) have certainly opened my eyes about a treasure which will make me more mature and intelligent to handle such situations. If similar situations occur again, I will deal with it by assuring myself that I am always the master of my emotions and psychology. And I am the one who determines how I want to feel, think, and act. Therefore, I will have a total control of myself.
If people with a different profile were a part of the
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I would work on my stress level without going over the limits. I would strive for calmness in the stressful situations.
2. I would be more understandable towards other people's preferences since people have different personality types. By doing so, I wouldn’t be taken by surprise when I meet individuals with opposite preferences. 3. Another thing that I learned is being aware of emotions. Fear of somebody, loss of face, anger can all result in unintended negative results, which may cause my interaction to go downhill. Further, being aware of emotions triggers would shield me from what Daniel Goleman call the emotional hijacking.
4. Although I am INFJ, I would build more on the idea of listening. I would try to acknowledge and accept the other person’s feelings without passing judgement on them. I would start to ask the person in conflict with how they feel and then acknowledge it.

Robert J. Emmerling and Daniel Goleman. (October 2003). EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: ISSUES AND
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