Personal Essay: My Journey To Success

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Failure, unsuccessful, non accomplishment, those are words that as a little girl don’t come to one 's mind. All I thought as a little girl was what to play with next. Of course school was just an unimportant part of my life, something that just seemed mandatory without having a reason for it to be. Suddenly, school started getting harder and harder, so I started struggling. I realized that I had to do something about it ,but I didn’t Know what. Fourth grade came around and that 's when I moved to another school. Moving was more like a new beginning for me because I actually started paying more attention and thinking more about how not doing my work would affect my education. Also, my parents advice helped me a lot. I started to think more about …show more content…

Anything in my way that can be a distraction, will be set aside and focus only on what is important. There has been so many obstacles in my way as I have gone on this journey to success and for sure, there is more to come. To overcome those obstacles, I try not to pay attention to them and think of ways to keep going without them affecting me on my way to reach my goal. My goal is to go to college and then have a career. It 's a goal that probably a lot of people have, but that can’t reach because of the unwillingness to succeed. My mentality now is school because that really should be the most important thing in my life. I like to think of school as a long time investment because it will be something that will pay off later. Studying hard and being in school everyday will make my future better and I will be grateful for it. As I said before, disappointing my parents means that I have disappointed myself. Not only that, but it also means that I have failed. Now, I 'm not saying that making a mistake is a disappointment. Everyone makes mistakes and learns from them. That 's the only way we know what and what not to do again. By disappointing, I mean getting poor grades, not caring

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