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MBA Admissions Essays - My Interest in Business Management

I am very interested in studying a business management course with the addition of legal and financial studies. From a young age I have always had a keen interest in monetary matters and have also been intrigued by legal systems and how they work. I feel that combining one or both of these interests with business management will give me a sound footing to launch a career from in either legal or financial business sectors.

I am confident within myself and find communication with others easy. I want to study at university to deepen my understanding of the knowledge and skills I already have.

I am currently on a gap year scheme called 'Year in Industry' in which I have a years work placement with Centrax, an aerospace company based in Newton Abbot. This placement is giving me invaluable knowledge as to how industry really works, and has enabled me to learn how to work properly as part of a team and how to reach a common goal. I have been given a project to make the company paperless. This involves studying workflow and analyzing current systems of work. There is a good chance that I will gain sponsorship from my company for university.

In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit. I go to the gym and play sports including tennis and football. I am keen on all aspects of modern technology and can program fluently in Delphi.

Whilst at school I had percussion lessons and I reached grade 4 standard, I was also on the student council. However towards the end of school I suffered a serious illness which forced me to miss a large amount of my final 2 years.
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