Essay on Physician Assistants As A Physician Assistant

Essay on Physician Assistants As A Physician Assistant

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Physician Assistants
The demand for physician assistants is on the rise every year. More than 100,000 certified physician assistants are in the United States today (“PAs Practice Medicine” 2). A physician assistant (PA) is a nationally certified and state-licensed medical professional. The entry level education is a master’s degree. In 2012, the median pay for a physician assistant was $90,930 per year and $43.72 per hour (“Physician Assistants” 1). The job outlook for physician assistants is thirty-eight percent, which is much faster than average. To become a physician assistant, there are a number of steps to take. Prospective physician assistants must obtain a baccalaureate in a science-related degree. Before applying to PA school, students will have to complete college coursework in sciences such as chemistry, physiology, anatomy, microbiology, and biology. Many programs also require healthcare experience before entering. Students can get healthcare experience by being a (not an exhaustive list): medical assistant, certified nursing assistant, lab assistant, surgical tech, emergency medical technician, and etcetera (‘Become a PA” 2). After receiving a bachelor’s degree and healthcare experience, a student can apply to PA school. Upon completion of a PA program, a master’s degree will be awarded. Once a student has graduated from the program, he or she is eligible to take the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE) to become certified. Before a physician assistant can practice, he or she is required to get a license in his or her state. After completing all of the required steps to become a physician assistant, he or she has to maintain certification. The work environment for a physician assistant can differ. PAs ...

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...he need for physician assistants is increasing every year. PAs do not attend medical school, they attend PA school. Throughout my findings, I observed PA students have strenuous road to getting the job. The students need a science field bachelor’s degree along with work experience to attend a PA program. As they impact the lives of their patients, physician assistants have many roles and contributions to the medical field. PAs work long, hard hours, and often spend more time at work. They have duties, such as reviewing patient’s medical history, treating patients, and counseling patients for preventive care. PAs account for the shortages of primary physician. PAs are very helpful to physicians because they can do most of physicians can, including write prescriptions. All in all, physician assistants make a difference every day to their patients and the medical field.

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