The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Medical Assistant

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Being a medical assistant has its advantages and its disadvantages. The medical assistant performs different duties. Those duties have many changes in every doctor’s office or hospital meaning from post to post. The physician assigns the duties for the medical assistants since they work for the physician they help the office run easily mainly the MA’s work in both the back and front desk area of the medical office. The Medical Assistant is involved in the patient assessment that is a big part of their responsibilities that is being involved with checking a patient’s vital signs, including blood pressure, pulse, temperature and breathing rate, performing physical examine height and weight as well as looking for any deformities or any irregularities in the patient’s body in order to help obtain the patients’ medical history by asking them questions about their medical conditions, allergies and medications the assistant documents each finding into the patients chart and will…show more content…
If the physician had supervisory responsibilities, it is possible that the medical assistant will be named, it is the manager or the supervisor obligation to monitor the medical assistant and to make sure that they are acting inside the standard of care. There is another legal issue that practices should know and address when they are hiring a medical assistant in some states a registered nurse can supervise and give orders to the medical assistant and in other states only the provider can give orders to the medical assistant not the nurse practitioner cannot be able to supervise an assistant in other states than in New York City the rules are not definite or clear that no one is really

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