Essay on Philosophy Should Be Included in a University Student's Coursework

Essay on Philosophy Should Be Included in a University Student's Coursework

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When a student goes through the state of California’s University system, the student is encouraged to take many different courses of broadly ranged material including courses dealing with philosophy. Some individuals argue that studying and reading philosophy is a waste of a student’s time and has little value to the student and his/her education. Though this argument shows valid concerns for a university student’s education, it is more beneficial for a student to take courses dealing with philosophy because these courses teach students how to think logically and critically. Without the study of philosophical thinking and lack of philosophy courses taken throughout a student’s educational journey, university students would not be given the necessary critical thinking skills they need to be successful in their society.
The first question you may find yourself asking is, what is philosophical thinking? According to Dr. David J. Yount, a professor at Mesa Community College with a PhD in philosophy, philosophical thinking is more than pondering unanswerable questions, it is a means of logistical and critical thinking. It is a process of questioning one’s own opinion and other possible opinions to “discover and hopefully articulate good reasons for [one’s] opinion.” (Yount) Also through philosophical thinking and processes such as the processes practiced by Buddhist monks, one learns to detach themselves from their opinion and observe opposing opinions through an unbiased perspective, giving the thinker well-rounded education on the topic at hand. Thus, in order for an individual to be able to develop a reasonable educated opinion, the individual must begin with a process of philosophical thinking.
Though the study of philosophy a...

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...n from darkness and ignorance our society has taken does not lie. University students should take philosophy courses and think philosophically so they can continue to better their own lives and further enlighten our society.

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