Are Too Many People Going To College Analysis

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Are Too Many People Attending College? In the article “Are too many People Going to College” by Charles Murray a W. H. Brady Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, argues that our educational system needs improvement and that too many people are attending college. Some of Charles arguments on why too many people are attending college are obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree gives you a high paying job, college requires classes that are unnecessary, skill/talent may not need a degree and because they do not want to be labeled as dumb or lazy. Charles Murray makes a lot of good arguments on why too many people are going to college and I concur with his arguments. To begin with, Charles argues that too many people are attending college because…show more content…
For example, Charles argues that Liberal Arts should be taught during high school and not in college because when it is taught in college it is much more difficult. “A high school graduate who has acquired Hirsch’s core knowledge will know, for example, that John Stuart Mill was an important 19th-century English Philosopher who was associated with something called Utilitarianism and wrote a famous book called On Liberty. But learning philosophy in college, which is and essential component of a liberal education, means that the student has to be able to read and understand the actual text of On Liberty”. (Murray…show more content…
By feeling that way high school graduates feel forced to attend college just so people would not criticize. We live in a society where having a Bachelor’s Degree is a big deal now and not having one means that you are not going anywhere in life. Charles argues that society is the reason why this is happening. “Today, if you do not get a Bachelor’s Degree, many people assume it is because you are too dumb or too lazy. And all this because of a degree that seldom has interpretable substantive meaning”. (Murray 253) I agree with Charles because it is true that society forces people to go to college even if college is not the best option for them. For instance, I took a year off of school right after I graduated high school. During that time my family members, like cousins and aunts would ask me, if I was going to college, what I wanted to major in, and why was I not in school? I was always afraid to answer those questions because I still was not sure what I wanted to do and I did not want to get judged if I said something that they did not approve of. Not going to college made me feel ashamed and guilty just because of my intrusive family. They think that just because someone does not attend college they are automatically on the wrong path and dense. My family reinforces the example that Charles Warren makes
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