Essay about Personal Note On Ethics And Values

Essay about Personal Note On Ethics And Values

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This was an enjoyable assignment for me during this class because it brings on a good point in regards to ethics and values people perceive is necessary to have in order to become good leaders. The list that was provided to the class had diverse people on it and it made you think about why each person should be able to participate on this opportunity to visit space. It would be such an honor and privilege to be able to be chosen to go to such a magnificent place. Our group decided to pick individual’s whom had expertise in the medical field, a leader, someone with education background, science, hardworking and people that had different backgrounds in order to share their wisdom. In case there is an issue up in space, they would have the necessary people in place to complete this visit with success. It was interesting to see that in general the class picked the same people. There might have been one or two different but the consensus was we all had the same values in mind for each of these people from this list. It would be interesting to see if another group of individuals if gathered in a room that did not have the same setting as we did, if they would have chosen the same people and what their values would have been.
This assignment brought an ethical challenge for me because I would automatically want to choose someone in a higher authority position to visit space. I believe that individuals should have morals, ethics and have values to conquer a mission like this. It is good to have everyone’s perspective on who they believe is a good leader and can who would be better suited for a particular job. I personally don’t think that I would have chosen the chief to go up to space because like another team said, not sure i...

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...m, the son of an Italian immigrant. We felt that he would be hardworking and if there was something that needed to get fixed he would be able to fix it. We also felt he would have a good sense of entrepreneurship since he was at the head of this construction company. The last person we decided was the chief of the black-fox tribe and was an American Indian. We knew that he was an older gentleman but for that reason he could provide wisdom of his 87 years.
If I was to do this assignment over again, I would not change anything. I feel as though our team went about this assignment the way that I would have if I did this on my own. We worked well as a team and heard everyone’s opinions of each person on the list. We agreed upon everyone with no issues. I believe that our team came up with list of space ambassadors that would make everyone proud to visit space.

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