Moral Ethics Essay

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Moral ethics is the belief that all human beings are born to know right from wrong. We come into this world as good people, but the temptations and challenges in life influence our mind set to as it will. Every person on Earth chooses if they’re to follow through with their life of good or go down the path of bad. “A person’s moral ethics” (unknown.)
There are multiple types of ethics, but the main two are descriptive, and normative.
The first type of ethic is,descriptive ethics or morals is best studied as psychology,sociology or anthropology. Different societies have different moral codes. This is true because, every society has a different religion,culture or specific routine or belief.Morals are classified as descriptive science. They are studied by many,many people and are all looked upon differently.Morals are also considered to be the shared ideas of a group irrespective of whether they are practiced.or how they are practiced.Different persons,groups,and societies have different moral standards, this is seen true by all sides. As you well know everyone has an opinion, moral ethics is all based on opinion. Second is,normative ethics or perspective ethics. This is the study of moral problems which seek to discover how one might act, not in fact how they act. Normative ethics also applies to how one might think one should act. Normative ethics are based solely on the opinion of another person, unlike descriptive ethics.More specifically (normative) ethics are the discipline concerned judgements of setting up norms.Although moral ethics go hand in hand they are different.Morals define personal character, while ethics stress a social system in which those morals are applied. Meaning morals inform you on human behavior whereas...

... middle of paper ... true that human societies have moral systems that they pass down through the generations.
We pass on our moral customs by the way we treat people who we think have behaved well or badly, or, perhaps more often, the way we talk about them behind their backs. We try to be like people who are liked and we try to avoid being like people who are looked down upon.
A moral system is informal and can have vague and general rules, while a legal system must have specific, fairly well defined rules. Although the thought of moral ethics might bore people, especially teens and young adults, they are a pretty important thing for us as a community to know. We all have opinions, and strong beliefs on many things and topics. Just knowing and understanding the importance of moral ethics can improve the way we think and more importantly the way we act and respond.
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