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Performance Appraisal System in the Organization Essays

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The literature review was described about the history, definition, purpose and the process of performance appraisal system that applied in the organization. Performance appraisal system in an essential tool that used in Human Resource Department to integrate both administrative in decision making as well as the development of employee job performance at workplace. It may give a large impact of employee satisfaction with the appraisal system being practiced in the organization which in turn impacts how the employee feels towards on his or her organization. So, the researcher found that employee is an important role play in this system. This review also defined an employee satisfaction and it’s relation with performance appraisal system in an organization.
The outcome from performance appraisal system will give mutual benefits to the employee and the organization. The researcher was constructing a theoretical framework that describes detail about the dependent variables which is the performance appraisal system that depends on independent variables which is the employee satisfaction. There are three independent variables that need to evaluate is provide training for appraiser, feedback seeking from employees, and motivation and reward system. The researcher assumes that these dependent variables will enhance the employee satisfaction during the evaluation of performance appraisal system towards them in an organization.

2.1 Performance Appraisal System

Performance appraisal was roots in the early of 20th century where it can be outlined during Taylor’s pioneering Time and Motion studies. This system was not very helpful during this period but now it was almost everything in the field of modern human resource management. As a dis...

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...praisal. The feedback might give by supervisor is high or low level that reflect their work performance in the organization. High self-esteem of the employee perceived the feedback to be more accurate and their perceptions were influenced by sequence. Apparently, the greater the self-esteem of employee, the more they will avoid or ignores the negative aspects and it might enhance their satisfaction of job performance.
Feedback Seeking
This feedback seeking behaviors is thought to be tied to motivations for achieving competence as well as protecting and enhancing self-esteem of an employee. An individual should accept and desire to respond to feedback is greater when the feedback is actively sought. Perhaps, an employee with a greater propensity for feedback-seeking behavior also has more favorable attitudes about performance appraisal system in the organization.

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