Performance Management System Summary

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Introduction Performance management is the process of establishing a favorable working environment for a given organization such that every employee will have the ability to work at their level best to achieve the organizations goals and objectives. This process basically involves developing clear job description, acquisition of proper work force, providing appropriate training of employees and designing equitable compensation plans along promoting career development for the employees. Managing performance in any given corporate body is one of the most important contributions that managers should put into consideration. Setting up goals, laying down objectives and strategizing on appropriate methods to achieve such goals are the main essentials …show more content…

To mean that the management should not set goals that cannot be attained and targets that cannot be reached. Finally, these goals need to be time bound, in that they should be planned for within a given scope of time, to make them effective.

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that cleveland and murphy study suggests that the performance management is made up of six fundamental purposes.
  • Explains that remuneration schemes are the catalyst or the core driver of the system management performance. poor and low wage plan makes the organization performance fall.
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