Paediatric Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Essay

Paediatric Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Essay

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With the rapid career advancement programs around, it is really a common question for a registered nurse to ask himself or herself why is it necessary to get such certification. There are a number of benefits that can be attained through specializations, aside from a different work set-up and responsibilities, registered nurses are compensation more than the usual rate of a registered nurse. Most of the administration and employers give a bigger weight on the papers and certification accomplished by a registered nurse. Although clinical experience is still indispensable, getting a certification from one of the specialties being offered matters a lot.
Getting a certification actually starts with a self-assessment. A registered nurse with a desire to move forward in his or her career ladder should try to analyze what are his or her strengths and weaknesses. Aside from that, he or she should also consider the resources that he or she is about to use in getting that certification. For instance, when a registered nurse decides to take the certification for paediatric nurse practitioner, the most fundamental idea is that a registered nurse genuinely cares for children and the alterations in the growth and development of children.
Aside from the firm decision, being familiar of the concept in paediatrics and its set-up must also be considered. Previous exposures to paediatric wards as well as acute care units can sharpen the skills of a nurse practitioner. Most part of the work involves taking into consideration the growth and development of children and how the nurse should manage to intervene when alterations occur such as hospitalization, procedures and operations to the child. This external factor does not only influence the child...

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... aspect of the work. Taking the child into the journey of restoration from a physical defect actually affects him or her psychologically. The influence of paediatric nurse practitioners to children can actually affect them until adulthood.
According to the United States Bureau of Labor, there are more working opportunities for paediatric nurse practitioner in the coming years. The demand is large enough and clinical experience are sought after among these people. The average earning of these nurse practitioners can reach $70,000 annually making it an attractive job for registered nurses who has a heart for children.
As stated above, there are numerous reasons why registered nurses should opt to be certified as a paediatric advanced registered nurse practitioner. As it promise a better pay, the personal growth of an aspiring nurse is the top motivation after all.

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