Nursing: Making A Career As A Nursing Career

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Every child gets asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and I was no exception. I always knew I had a passion for helping people and remember role-playing with my siblings that I was their nurse curing them of a sickness or pain. As a child, I could imagine myself wearing scrubs and having my stethoscope around my neck. The healthcare profession has always fascinated me. I have chosen a nursing career for many reasons, which include: the personal joy I receive in helping others, making a difference in the lives of my patients, and the experience and knowledge I would gain on a daily bases.
When someone is in need, I can honestly say I am the person to go to. In order for someone to come to you, you want to make sure the person
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Both scenarios can make a difference in someone’s life for the better. As nursing you are able to build a connection with your patients, since you are always checking up on them. I have built so many connections with my patients as a CNA, and wish to keep doing the same as a nurse. Nursing as my career will allow me to help people in many different capacities. I had a patient who was paralyzed from the waist down, and although he could not speak due to being brain damaged, I knew my presence was making a difference. While I was with him, I would read to him from the Bible or play him some music. These two activities seemed to calm him and help him to drift off to sleep. I want to keep making a difference in peoples lives, even when it’s something as simple as reading a book or playing music. Everything counts, no matter how small the contribution may…show more content…
Medicine is evolving everyday and as a life-long-learner, I am excited to always be evolving and changing how I approach patient care. During my last semester of my senior year in high school, I had the opportunity to attend the Kansas City Kansas Community College Technical School in the mornings to receive my Certified Nursing Assistant License. Now that I have my CNA, I intend to advance onto my Bachelors in Science of Nursing. Becoming a nurse will expose me to a tremendous amount of new knowledge about the field, which makes me very
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