Operational and Strategic Management Essay

Operational and Strategic Management Essay

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Operational management processes in a firm involves overseeing, formulating and reformulation of the operations of a business. The processes are meant to ensure efficiency in administering resources whilst ensuring there is effective management of client’s specifications and or directions. This is achieved by adding value to the firm’s processes. Such achievements are experienced when a firm embarks in directing its physical and or technical functions towards enhancing its development, production and manufacturing. These should be pre-determined and controlled by market opportunities if a company is to reach its ultimate production levels. Their realisation adds up to ensuring the future of a firm, offering operational realities by developing competitive advantages to the firm’s processes. These advantages ultimately lead to accelerated growth, raise profit margins, and generate a competitive advantage over their competitors (Goodward & Deck, 2008).
On the other hand strategic management processes in a firm matter themselves majorly with the intended and the emergent initiatives undertaken by the runners of a firm. These initiatives are targeted towards enhancing the firm’s resources so as to improve its performance (Nag, Hambrick & Chen, 2007, pp. 935-955). This is realised through manifesting a firm’s mission, vision and objectives. It also encompasses the development of policies and plans which are meant to facilitate the attainment of the former (Lamb, Robert & Boyden, 1984, pp. 557-570).
Core to the successful running of any organisation, business or firm is having a proper laid out strategy. As earlier discussed, an effective strategic approach to any business gains it core benefits in its short-term and long...

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