Strategic Management Essay

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Strategic Management What is strategic management? In this study we will view what a manager’s role is and the development of strategic management has an affect on their companies performance. We will examine strategic management, what the benefits and problems are when utilizing strategic management, and how to implement strategic management in the company. Strategic management is a process to enhance the goals of your business. This gives managers a strategic awareness and value of the company when strategic management is implemented. Having a strategic plan in a company makes the business successful. When a manager takes lead in the change of the environment it allows the company to improve on their short and long term goals. Managers…show more content…
Strategic management has shown to enhance the company’s profits and market shares. Companies need to utilize strategic management in order to improve that their performance and organizations are set. Some of the benefits of strategic management are it brings new opportunities and development, the manager is more involved in their job role, the quality of the company is enhanced, implementing models that will bring the company growth and profits, it helps the manager to be organized in order for them to be successful, it brings certainty to the company, and provides management with a guide to what the company is needing to accomplish with their goals for the future. According to Nmadu (2007) he stated “strategic management has become more important to managers in recent years and defining the mission of their organization in specific terms have made it easier for managers to give their organization a sense of purpose” (Dauda, Akingbade, and Akinlabi, 2010, p.100). Strategic management can also have its disadvantages. A few disadvantages are time and effort that is put into the company, and discussing what is important for the company’s long-term goals. Another disadvantage is managers stay on the planning stage but forget to implement and take control of the plan. If strategic management is not enforced than this can cause effects on the companies market shares, and profitability. Enforcing a strategic plan will play a major role in the companies
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