Operations Management Of British Airways (BA)

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Company Overview: British Airways Plc (British Airways or BA) is a full service premium airline with a global route network flying to approximately 400 destinations worldwide. The company provides scheduled air services at both domestic and international level. Its services include flights for passengers and cargo. The company provides air transportation services for over 40 million customers a year and serves 35 million cups of tea, 36.5 million meals and 3.7 million bottles of wine for the passengers. The company operates extensive international scheduled airline route networks in association with its joint business agreement, code share and franchise partners. The company also provides mail and other associated services. In addition,…show more content…
Operations management is not confined to only one industry, nor permitted to manufacturing companies. All organizations in the public and private sectors, such as hospitals, hotels, airlines, and insurance companies, need to manage their operations more carefully. At present, every organization believes that operations management plays a pivotal role in establishing and maintaining global leadership, and is a part of the overall organizational strategy. The strategic part that operations management plays in hierarchical execution can be seen as more companies are moving towards dealing with their operations from a value chain viewpoint. There are many reasons that support, operations management an important element for the success of the business. It encompasses manufacturing and services, and its essential in adequately and effectively dealing with the productivity as every company ought to have high productivity which can prompt economic growth and development and help the company’s work force in getting high wages, as well as lead to a rise in organization's profit. Operations management is likewise imperative as it plays a major role in any company’s…show more content…
BA has as of late confronted a few difficulties particularly inside the corporate sectors which have inevitably affected majority of its operations, such as dependability, reliability, and maintenance and cost. Because of this, the company has changed its strategy and transformed into the utilization of technological tools as a measure to enhance the operations management strategies. These include, but not limited to, defining material and information flow of networks; and defining material and design and research of multi-firm, multifunctional

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